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How To Use Your Optional Battery Pack With The CyberMed H22 or N22

In this article we will explain how to operate the optional battery pack that can be ordered for the CyberMed H22 or CyberMed N22. The battery will automatically start working if power is lost. This will give you enough time to save and shut down critical applications. The battery will last about 20 minutes but it is dependent on the usage. First lets make sure that the optional battery pack is installed.

Enter the BIOS setup by tapping the Delete key when the unit is first turned on.

This picture shows that the optional battery pack is NOT installed
The picture below shows the optional battery pack is installed
You can also verify that the battery is installed in Windows.
Now that we have verified that the optional battery is installed we can now see how it works.
The picture below shows the unit powered on normally and not using the battery.
Now if for some reason power is lost then the battery will automatically take over. Below you will see the power light on and the battery light on indicating the battery is now the power source.
If you were to go back into the BIOS setup at this point you can also see that the battery is now in a discharge state.

After you have saved and closed all your critical applications you can now power the computer off. When you do so the power light will go off but the battery light will stay on as pictured below.
To turn off the battery press down on the volume + button. This only works after the green power light is off as the computer will be in a off state.
After a few seconds the battery light will go off and there will be no power at all to the unit.