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I installed a PCI card and it does not fit and/or does not work

Cause - Possible incorrect installation and/or bad PCI card connection, possible CMOS driver corruption

A PCI card must be low-profile and 5.25" or less in order to be installed in the ZPC.

1. If a PCI card was installed and it does not fit properly, be sure the Optical Drive has been removed from the keytop.

2. If the CD is removed and the keytop still will not close, contact Cybernet Sales at 888-834-4577 or visit the accessories section of Cybernet to purchase the required PCI Riser Board. Be sure to purchase the PCI RiserBoard for the correct model ZPC.

3. If the PCI card was installed using the PCI Riser and it is not working, ensure the drivers have been installed correctly

4. If the card is present in device manager but has an error message, uninstall the driver.

5. If this does not resolve the problem, turn off the machine and clear the CMOS to remove any possible CMOS corruption.*

6. Contact the manufacturer of the card for more details on the best practices for the PCI Card.

*For instructions on clearing the CMOS for your specific model, please refer to the related articles section.