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Improving the i-945 Thermal Solution

To improve the thermal solution for the i-945, place the unit face down on a flat surface. Remove the base and the screws holding the back cover on to open the unit. Then remove the metal shield to reveal the interior of the unit. Follow the instructions as shown below.

Figure 1 - Remove the CPU fan by undoing the screws that secure the fan to the heat sink assembly, then unplug the fan power connector cable from the motherboard.

Figure 2 - Flip the fan over and Locate the arrows that indicate the airflow direction; ensure the arrow on the fan is pointing down.

Figure 3 - After confirming that the arrow is pointed down, re-attach it to the heat sink assembly. Be sure to run the fan power connector cable behind the hard drive power cable, as shown.

Figure 4 - Attach the fan power connector cable to the opposite motherboard connection, next to the RAM, as shown.

Figure 5 - When replacing the metal shield cover and connecting the system fan power connector cable, be sure to route the cable around the heat sink as shown to avoid the cable hitting the fan.