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This article contains links to Microsoft® web sites for how-to support and answers to general usage questions about Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Topic What are you trying to do? Microsoft Knowledge Base Article
Favorites/Bookmarks Transfer your favorites to another PC and/or organize them. Import or Export Favorites in Internet Explorer

Managing Your Internet Explorer Favorites
E-mail E-mail a page, link, or shortcut. Send a Web Page in a Windows® Mail Message
Phishing Filters Detect and block fraudulent websites from gathering important personal information. Information About Windows Internet Explorer Phishing Filter
Cookies What are cookies, and should they be blocked? Cookies: Frequently Asked Questions
Default Browser Setting Internet Explorer 7 or 8 as the default web browser. Change Your Default Web Browser
Menu Bar Customize, Add, and/or change the Menu Bar Show the Menus in Internet Explorer
Installing/Uninstalling IE7 Get help Installing or uninstalling IE7 or IE8. Internet Explorer: FAQ & Support
Offline Files View network files offline if your network connection becomes unavailable. Understanding Offline Files
Active X Adding features (AKA add-ons or plug-ins) to IE7 and IE8 for added functionality

Should I install ActiveX controls?

Internet Explorer add-ons: frequently asked questions

Java View interactive content on the Web. Install Java in Internet Explorer
Troubleshooting Resolving error messages, crashes, and other issues.

Internet Explorer Stops Responding, Stops Working or Restarts

Windows Internet Explorer Solution Center

Additional Support Have a question not covered here? Internet Explorer Support