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When I turn on my PC, the fans are running and the hard drive light is flashing, but there is no display

Cause - Possible CMOS corruption

1. If there is no display after turning on the PC and hearing the POST beep, turn off the machine by holding the power button for four seconds.

2. Clear the CMOS to remove any possible CMOS corruption that may be causing the display not to appear; for instructions on how to do so, please see the related article.

3. Turn the machine on and press the AUTO button on the front of the unit to auto configure the display.

4. If these options do not work, plug in a DVI-D monitor to the DVI-D port to determine if the panel is bad or if the motherboard is bad.

5. If the second monitor has a display, then the i-One panel is bad and the unit must be sent to Cybernet for repair.

6. If there is no display on the second monitor than this is evidence of an underlying hardware malfunction; please contact Cybernet Tech Support for further assistance.