Medical Grade Computers

CyberMed H24 medical all-in-one computer

CyberMed-H24 medical all-in-one computer comes with a super crisp high resolution 24" LED panel with an edge-to-edge touch screen and is completely sealed and waterproof. EN60601-1.
Fanless Medical Computer 24inch

CyberMed HN24 all in one computer Fanless

Fanless 24" medical grade all-in-one touchscreen computer has no external moving parts and virtually noiseless. Designed for use in the operating room or Emergency room. Built with industrial grade hardware and offers high performance. Anti-microbial and waterproof. EN60601-1.
medical grade pc with touch

Medical grade 22" all-in-one touch screen computer offers latest technology to fit healthcare needs. Tested to run EMR software. Holds up to liquid disinfection. Pcap edge-to-edge display offers high resolution and anti-glare.
Fanless Medical PC

CyberMed CN22 fanless medical all in one PC

22" Fanless, touch screen all-in-one computer designed to perform in sterile and near patient rooms. Runs latest EMR software flawlessly. Advanced cooling technology eliminates the need for moving parts. Can withstand liquid disinfection. Stops the spread of infection with medical grade technology. EN60601-1.
medical grade pc with touch

CyberMed H22 22" medical grade all-in-one PC

22inch medical grade computer with 3rd generation Intel Core processors, 60601-1 certification, and antimicrobial housing are fully customizable to support up to four serial ports and internal battery. CyberMed H22 features resistive touch screen technology for optimum user experience and ease of use.
Fanless Medical Computer

CyberMed H22 22" fanless medical grade PC

22inch fanless medical grade PC with 3rd generation Intel mobile class processor is the ideal solution for the operating room environment. Customizable with up to 4 serial ports, this fanless medical computer is ideal for anesthesia application. Optional internal UPS protects the system against power outages for up to 25 minutes.
medical touchscreen tablet

CyberMed T10C medical touchscreen tablet

The latest addition to Cybernet line-up of medical tablet is CyberMed T10C. At only 1.9lbs and powered by Intel N2930 quad-core CPU and up to 8GB memory, this tablet is a force to reckon with. This medical tablet supports 64bit flavors of Windows 7 and Windows 8.
medical tablet pc

CyberMed T10 medical tablet pc

9.7" medical tablet with antimicrobial housing and complete fanless design has been adopted by medical device manufacturers and healthcare enterprise for its rich features including integrated 2D scanner, RFID technology to support Imprivata single sign-on, CAC/Smart card reader and VESA mount.
medical grade All in One

CyberMed H6 20" medical grade PC

20inch medical grade PC with resisitive touchscreen cable of working with latex glove. Powered by Intel Core i5 processor and up to 8GB memory. This medical computer is IP64 sealed and can withstand a long list of hospital cleaning chemicals as recommended by CDC.
medical pc

CyberMed H19 19" medical pc

19inch 4:3 format medical grade computer is designed to support applications running idealy on square format screens. Powered by Intel Core i7 processor and up to 8GB memory, this 19inch Medical PC can withstand high usage demand in a busy hospital environment.
fanless medical computer

CyberMed N19 19" fanless medical computer

19inch fanless medical computer is designed for hospitals in critical care environment such as operating room, emergency department and other sterile environment. Complete solid state design without any moving parts make the CyberMed N19 the number choice for dust free environment.
hospital computer

CyberMed N19 19" hospital computer

17inch medical computer with touch screen technology to support all near patient projects. MP17ix is fully medical grade certified to 60601-1 standards and offers full antimicrobial housing to comply with the latest directives mandated by infection control department at major healthcare facilities.
Medical Computer

iOne-MP17ix 17" Medical Computer

This fanless medical computer with 17inch screen size is ideal for near patient OR projects with limited space for large screens. Complete solid state and fanless design make the MP172 the number one solution for critical care applications where reliability is the number one objective.
medical pc with IP66 Fanless

CyberMed MP15T 15" medical pc with IP66 Fanless

The smallest medical computer series in our arsenal is the 15inch CyberMed MP15. This medical computer is ready to mount supporting standard 75/100 VESA patterns. The unit is ideal for mobile cart applications due to its light weight. CyberMed MP15T offers a rich number of external peripherals including a barcode scanner, RFID, biometric reader and technology to support telemedicine.