Medical Grade Computers

CyberMed-H24 medical all-in-one computer comes with a super crisp high resolution 24" LED panel with an edge-to-edge touch screen and is completely sealed and waterproof. EN60601-1.
medical grade pc with touch

Medical grade 22" all-in-one touch screen computer offers latest technology to fit healthcare needs. Tested to run EMR software. Holds up to liquid disinfection. Pcap edge-to-edge display offers high resolution and anti-glare.
Fanless Medical Computer 24inch

CyberMed HN24 all in one computer Fanless

Fanless 24" medical grade all-in-one touchscreen computer has no external moving parts and virtually noiseless. Designed for use in the operating room or Emergency room. Built with industrial grade hardware and offers high performance. Anti-microbial and waterproof. EN60601-1.
Fanless Medical PC

CyberMed CN22 fanless medical all in one PC

22" Fanless, touch screen all-in-one computer designed to perform in sterile and near patient rooms. Runs latest EMR software flawlessly. Advanced cooling technology eliminates the need for moving parts. Can withstand liquid disinfection. Stops the spread of infection with medical grade technology. EN60601-1.
medical grade pc with touch

CyberMed H22

22" medical grade all-in-one PC. Can be mounted on wall or cart. Withstands liquid disinfections. Customizable Hardware, ports and EMR software.

CyberMed N22

22" fanless medical grade PC. Intel Core i5 CPU meets demand of sterile environments.
medical grade pc with touch

CyberMed H6

20" medical grade PC designed for rigorous cleanings and high demand use
medical grade pc with touch

CyberMed T10

Anti-microbial medical grade windows tablet PC. Mountable, Portable, exceptional performance
medical grade pc with touch

Cybermed N19

Fanless technology and anti-microbial housing maintains high expectations of sterile environment
medical grade pc with touch

CyberMed H19

Built for busy hospitals, this 19" 4:3 format medical computer is powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU to withstand high usage demand. EN60601-1.
medical grade pc with touch


Touch screen 17" 4:3 medical PC revolutionized all-in-one computing for near-patient environments.


This versatile, fanless all-in-one PC is a proven standard for sterile medical environments- from the OR and ER to laboratories
medical grade pc with touch

CyberMed MP15T

15" all-in-one medical PC that can be mounted on a cart or wall - perfect for clinics, hospitals, and medical offices