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Finding the Right Touch for EMR Computers at Willis-Knighton
Willis-Knighton Health System needed powerful all-in-one PCs that could run their existing ER MedHost EMR system as well as their new skilled nursing EMR system, and that were slim enough to be mounted on the walls in their skilled nursing facility. They also were looking for PCs with more responsive touch screen technology. They found the answer with Cybernet’s iOne-GX45 all-in-one PCs, the only touch screen PCs powerful enough for their chosen EMR software.
The initial challenge for Willis-Knighton was to find an all-in-one PC that had multiple requirements: slim profile, wall mountable, responsive touch screen, powerful performance to run sophisticated EMR software. In addition, they also wanted PCs with outstanding reliability because they need to operate 24/7, and as with all medical facilities, the price needed to fit their budget. Cybernet’s iOne-GX45 all-in-one PCs with touch screen were the perfect choice.
In the Progressive Care Center, nurses and other medical staff members use the iOne-GX45s to enter data into patients’ records as part of the new EMR system. The iOne-GX45s run the software with ease. The touch screen capability is so much better than the previous PCs; as a result, they were easier to use and the skilled nursing staff became a lot more productive. In the Admissions area, the 5-wire resistive touch screen of the iOne-GX45 made it so much easier and accurate for patients to enter data. It has really speeded up the registration process for patients and staff.  Read more
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