Smart Card Reader

CyberMed-T10's integrated smart card provides strong security authentication and complies with ISO 7816-01,2,3 standards.

Barcode Scanner

Optional 2D scanner for medication scanning, patient's ID wristbands and other critical applications requiring high-speed scanning.

RFID Reader

Now you can implement access control and security directly from your CyberMed-T10 tablet with integrated RFID technology. Chose from four different RFID technologies: 125KHz/134.2Hz ISO 11784, 13.56MHz ISO 14443A & ISO 15693 and HID Global Proximity Reader
Medical Tablet VESA Mount

VESA Mount Docking Station

Mount your medical tablet on a mobile cart or wall mount for quick access and docking.

Digitzer Stylus

Write on your CyberMed T10 with the ease of standard paper and pencil by using the digitizer pen. The large diameter make this pen more ergonomically sound. And the recessed button minimizes the risk of accidentally right-clicking while using the pen. Now physicians and other clinicians can sign prescriptions and other documents accurately with very little effort.

Lightweight but powerful

At only 1.9 pounds, the CyberMed T10 is the lightest medical grade Windows tablet in its class. Designed for busy physicians and nurses, it provides portable computing power without fatigue. Powered by latest Intel Cedarview processor platform & standard 4GB of RAM, CyberMed T10 is ready for the most demanding EMR applications.

Complete fanless design

CyberMed T10 fanless design reduces noise, eliminates circulating matter in sterile environments, and also increases overall reliability.

IP65 sealed front bezel, IPX1 back cover

The CyberMed T10 front bezel is waterproof, to enable cleaning with liquids. Not a drop of liquid can get in!

A fully Antimicrobial tablet

Unlike other tablets, the CyberMed T10 has an antimicrobial coating and hygienic aluminum housing. It's perfect for use in medical and other sterile environments.
Medical Grade

Medical grade tablet PC

With its EN60601-1 medical certification, the CyberMed T10 is a windows tablet built for medical use by health care professionals.