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Why am I getting no network connection and/or no MAC address on the Elite's network adapter?

Cause - Possible MAC address corruption

If the MAC address on the network adapter has been verified as not there or coming up all zeros, download the MAC Address Tool below to rewrite the MAC Address by doing the following -
1. Copy the unzipped files to the root of a DOS bootable disk. (change boot sequence in CMOS accordingly, using USB-ZIP for memory key/flash drive).
2. At the DOS prompt, be sure to type 'cd..' until you only see C:\>. Then type EE EEg and press enter.
3. Reboot the system and repeatedly press the delete key to enter the CMOS setup. Navigate to Load Optimized Defaults, press Enter to confirm, then press F10 to save changes and exit.
4. Power off the system and disconnect power to the unit by unplugging the cable from the AC adapter.
5. Re-connect power, turn on the machine, and proceed to check for network operation.