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New Product Spotlight

CyberMed G15

A Powerful Small Form Factor Medical Device Computer

Combining 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processing power with a small profile while keeping Cybernet's durability standards.

With a display size of 15.6", The CyberMed G15 is the perfect medical device computer. Ideal for embedding in medical devices and highly capable of being a standalone computer for limited spaces within challenging environments.

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Providence Health Chooses Cybernet For Massive Anesthesia Overhaul

One of the largest healthcare systems in the United States has entrusted Cybernet to be the medical computer provider for their new anesthesia machine deployment. As Providence Health continues to roll out Epic's OpTime for their anesthesia machines, the software will be powered by the CyberMed S24k 4k medical computers.

These computers will provide a certified medical grade solution - critical for use in an operating room - with a brilliant 4k resolution that will allow for all pertinent data to be seen by anesthesiologist without the need to scroll through the software. This will provide a safer experience for patients undergoing surgical procedures.

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Success Stories

Regional Medical Center of San Jose

I always try to gauge feedback whenever I’m in the ICU or Emergency Department, and all I hear is that the units are so much better than what we used to have.

Director of Information Technology

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Sonny's Enterprises, Inc.

Once we switched to these it's just . . . everybody loves it. We've been quoted by a lot of users as hands down the best tunnel controller in the industry.

VP of IT

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Ulterra Drilling Technologies

Half of our manufacturing site is in Canada, and so those guys were down here and saw them and immediately said, 'we need some.'

Director of IT and Operations

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