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  • The toughest technology on the market with a
    failure rate of less than 2%
  • Highly customizable devices built to order
  • Average ship time after an order is placed is 7 - 10 days
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Medical, Industrial & Enterprise PCs & Tablets
Rugged computers designed for 24x7 use in harsh conditions

Medical Grade Computers

Medical grade all in one computers that are UL60601-1 certified with antimicrobial housing.

Industrial Computers

Made with military grade components, fanless, IP65 sealed, rugged & tough with RS232 ports.

Enterprise Grade Computers

VESA / wall mountable enterprise all in one PCs designed specifically to meet the needs of business.

Medical Tablets

Tough & reliable, IP65 sealed, UL60601-1 certified with antimicrobial housing and integrated barcode scanner.

Industrial Tablet

Tough, rugged tablet with military grade components, RS232 port, IP65 sealed against water & dust.

Business Tablets

Business tablets with integrated barcode scanner & RFID. Maximum toughness for durability & reliability.

New Product Spotlight

CyberMed S19 & NB19 Medical Panel PC

UL/IEC60601-1 Certified; IP65 Certified; Antimicrobial

CyberMed S19 & NB19
Medical Panel PC

4:3 Aspect Ratio Computers Ideal for Medical Device Integration.

Choose from a traditional model with a 5 hr. UPS or a hot-swap battery version that offers 24/7 uptime without the need for a power outlet.

Completely customizable to suit unique integration requirements.

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Front and Back Views of the CyberMed NB24k Surgical Grade Computer

This Medical computer can power external peripherals directly from itself.

CyberMed NB24k
Surgical Grade Computer

The world's first 4k medical grade PC.

This all in one PC is the world's first medical grade computer with an Ultra 4k display. Equipped with 3 hot swap batteries, this unit is ideal for surgical and imaging applications.

Powerful Skylake 6th generation Intel Core processor ensures no lag time for video as well.

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Success Story

Major Auto Manufacturer Saves Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars with Cybernet

Cybernet Success Story
Mobis, a division of Hyundai Motor Corp was in the process of updating one of the manufacturing plants. They needed an industrial panel PC that had an integrated UPS and RFID in order to error-proof their production line and improve quality control practices. 
After researching what was available on the market, Mobis chose the Cybernet iPC N24. Because of its internal UPS, Mobis was able to save more than $250,000 by avoiding having to install a centralized industrial UPS. Furthermore, the integrated RFID improved efficiency and quality control procedures at each station on the production line, leading to improved profits. 

I feel better sending [a tech support email] out to the rep that knows our environment, our setup, and how we do things. Being able to get in contact with them, who then can pass it onto the quickest people to take care of that, I think is the best thing.


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