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When I press the power button, the HDD, NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK lights flash or remain solid

Cause - The unit could have a bad component such as a hard drive, optical drive, motherboard, or internal power supply

1. Open up the PC to inspect the internal components; ensure everything is plugged in securely and properly.

2. Once confirmed, if the machine still does not power up properly then begin the process of elimination to determine the offending part. Unplug the hard drive and the optical drive from the motherboard. Turn the PC on to see if the PC will POST and power on normally.

3. If the PC powers on normally, remove power and plug the optical drive back in. Power the PC back on to see if it still POSTs correctly.

4. If it does, power off, unplug the optical drive, plug in the hard drive, and power the PC back on. If the PC does not power on, then a replacement hard drive would be needed.

5. The opposite also holds true; if the optical drive causes the unit to hang but not the hard drive, replace the optical drive.

6. If the unit does not POST with nothing plugged in, it should be returned to Cybernet for inspection and repair. Please contact the Tech Support Department for assistance.