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My card reader is not working

Cause - Possible cable disconnection, card inserted incorrectly, or CMOS corruption

1. First and foremost, ensure the card is inserted correctly and properly; be sure the slots of the card reader are free of any debris, dust, or other foreign objects that should not be present.

2. Once a card is inserted properly, check My Computer to see if any drive letters appear.

3. Be sure to check the device manager to verify the card reader is present, and the drivers are installed properly.

4. If using an SDHC SD card, this type of SD card is not compatible with the Card Reader. Such cards can be identified by the SDHC logo printed on them.

5. If all previous steps have been confirmed, uninstall the Card Reader drivers by using Add/Remove Programs; after doing so be sure to shut down the system and clear the CMOS.

6. When the system comes back up, reinstall the drivers. To determine which is the correct driver to install, look into the card reader to verify the type it is. If a printed Cybernet logo is visible, install the generic drivers; if no logo is present then install the Genesis drivers. Drivers are available on the original driver CD or from