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There is no picture on my monitor (ZPC-9100)

Cause - System has defaulted to S-video output

A monitor must be connected to the ZPC-9100 BEFORE plugging the External Power Supply into the unit, otherwise it will default to S-Video output. Typically the symptom for this issue is loss of video right after the Windows loading screen disappears.

1. Be sure to power down the unit, unplug it completely, then plug in a DVI or VGA monitor that is TURNED ON.

2.Also take this time to clear the CMOS on the unit. Return power to the unit and turn it back on. Enter the BIOS and Load Optimized Defaults, then save and exit.

3. The next step requires the use of Windows Safe Mode; if unfamiliar with Safe Mode, please see the related article for information on how to use it.

4. Load Windows in Safe Mode and uninstall the video driver through Add/Remove Programs.

5. Restart the machine in Safe Mode and reinstall the video driver; do so using the file included on the driver CD, or the one downloaded from our website. If the Found New Hardware wizard begins, simply cancel it.

6. Once done, try booting the PC as normal.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, try the Intel Graphics Properties Hot Keys. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 will enable the VGA Monitor, and pressing Ctrl-Alt-F4 will enable the DVI monitor. The Hot Keys must be enabled for this to work.

If all steps have been tried without luck, then Windows must be reinstalled.