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Advanced User Options for Windows 7

Windows 7’s “GodMode” was discovered by bloggers and confirmed by Microsoft as a group of developer “shortcuts” built into Windows 7 that enable easy access to certain settings and information about the operating system. The “GodMode” view displays every Windows setting in one very organized Window. In order to access this view, simply create a folder with a name and a special string after it. The folder doesn’t have to be called “GodMode,” although that is the popular name given to it by the blogosphere. The "GodMode" list of control panels and wizards makes accessing settings easier by presenting them all in one location.

To manually create each folder, follow the steps below.

1. Choose where the "GodMode" folder will be located and create a New Folder.

2. Give the folder a desired name, then a period, and then the following string: {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. The following will now be available:


Microsoft has provided additional strings, and the below table illustrates what each does. To create all of these folders at once, download the attached batch file and run it from the location the special folders will reside. Deleting these folders does NOT affect Windows and will NOT delete the control panel or any settings. However, the functions and features of each folder are to be used at one's own risk!

God Mode


Location Settings


Biometric Settings


Power Settings


Icons And Notifications


Credentials and Logins


Programs and Features


Default Programs


All NET Frameworks and COM Libraries


All Networks For Current Connection




My Computer




Application Connections


Firewall and Security