Medical Grade Tablets


Designed with Healthcare in Mind

Cybernet has designed its medical grade tablets specifically for healthcare professionals. They are powerful yet lightweight. Each tablet has a wide selection of features to enhance patient care and reduce the risk of errors.

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Medical Tablets
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Medical Grade Tablets

  • 10.1" Rugged Medical Grade Tablet
  • Intel® 5th Gen Core™ i5 & i7 with vPro
  • PCAP Multi-Touch, Internal 2D Barcode Scanner & RFID, Biometric Fingerprint Reader, Internal CAC
  • UL60601-1 Medical Certified, Antimicrobial Housing, and IP65 Waterproof Front Bezel
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  • 9.7" Medical Grade Tablet PC
  • Intel® Quad Core™ N2930
  • PCAP Multi-Touch, Internal 2D Barcode Scanner & CAC, Internal RFID & Imprivata SSO Certified
  • UL60601-1 Medical Certified, Antimicrobial Housing, and IP65 Waterproof Front Bezel
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Medical Tablets with Handles

Medical Tablets with Handles

Each medical tablet comes with a convenient removable handle for ease of use and to prevent accidental drops.

Medical Tablet with USB Ports and NIC Ports on the Tablet Itself

USB Ports / NIC Ports on the Tablets

Our medical tablets come standard with USB & NIC ports directly on the tablet.

PCAP Multi-touch Medical Grade Tablets

Multi-Touch Display

PCAP Multi Touch displays so any of our medical tablets can be used while wearing gloves.

660601-1 Certified Medical Tablets for Electrical and Radiation Emissions

60601-1 Certified

Meets 60601-1 safety requirements of medical devices for electrical and radiation emissions.

Three Medical Personnel Walking Easily Carrying A Medical Tablet

Lightweight but Powerful

Cybernet's Medical Grade Tablets have all of the features of heavier tablets but weigh as little as 1.9 pounds. When a nurse or doctor carries a medical tablet throughout the day, the tablet has to have the functionality to meet the healthcare professional's needs yet be light enough that it is not a burden to carry. Cybernet's medical tablets are customizable to meet the specific needs of healthcare personnel but are some of the lightest medical grade tablets on the market.


The antimicrobial housing on our medical grade tablets help to prevent the spread of germs. Tablets, in particular, are handled by multiple personnel. By having the antimicrobial feature, Cybernet's tablets are an important step in stopping the spread of microbes in healthcare settings. This helps to protect not only the patients but the healthcare workers as well and stay in compliance with CDC infection and decease control protocols.

T10C Medical Tablet in a Rugged Protective Case and Carrying Strap

Protective Rugged Case with Carrying Strap

The Cybernet Medical Tablet protective rugged case protects the medical tablet from damage when dropped. With the protective case in place, the tablet can survive being dropped without damage to the tablet. The carrying strap allows for easier carrying and more protection against dropping the tablet.

IP65 Sealed & Waterproof

Because medical tablets are handled by many personnel and are mobile, it is important that they can be thoroughly disinfected. With the IP65 sealed front bezel and the IPX1 back cover, Cybernet's medical grade tablets allow for thorough disinfecting with the recommended strong chemical without losing its antimicrobial properties.

Back of Medical Grade Tablet Showing RFID Reader and Ports

Protect your Mobile Medical Tablet's Data

With medical tablets being by their very nature, mobile, it is important to have that data secure. Fingerprint scanning ensures that only authorized personnel can access the data on your medical tablet. It has the added benefit that IT never has to worry about staff losing their card or password. With the optional fingerprint reader, access is at their fingertips.

Windows 7, 8 and 10 Touch Screen Compatible

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10 touch screen. No need to upgrade to Windows 10 until you want to.

T10C Medical Tablet PC Mounted on a Cart

Fanless Design on Some Models

Eliminate circulating dust / debris in sterile environments with our fanless medical tablets. Fanless models have an extended lifespan as they don't have moving parts to break down.

VESA Mounting Bracket

Medical tablets can be wall mounted or cart mounted using a VESA mounting bracket. We also offer a VESA docking station that offers two additional USB ports and an additional NIC port.

Use for EMR Software

Medical Grade Tablet PCs with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) can save a physician an hour a day in lost time. Our medical grade tablets provide the features that can save time and ensure that the correct medication is prescribed, reduce the spread of germs and streamline workflow, all from one of our medical grade tablets.

How Medical Grade Tablets Are All Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

According to recent findings, more than 60% of doctors and healthcare professionals across U.S. have abandoned the good-old clipboard, and switched to a more modern tool that is portable, durable and way more powerful – the medical tablet.
Adapting a medical grade tablet carries a number of advantages for patients and healthcare professionals alike. The volume of paper work inherent to routine operations carried out in medical settings – be it a public hospital, a private clinic or an emergency relief camp – is simply overwhelming. Migrating to the medical tablet does away with not only the pesky paperwork but also the intricate manual procedures in the workflow, increasing the overall process efficiency manifold.

Deploying tablets also circumvents the utterly burdensome human data entry process, eliminating any and all human-introduced errors that are a commonplace occurrence when importing information from distributed patient care systems. Using the tablets also ensures round-the-clock, on-demand access to patient records including diagnosis details, pathological outcomes, financial summaries, prescription particulars and legal information. The medical tablet is also useful for appointment scheduling encompassing medic visits, sample collection reminders, and checkup arrangements.
What renders a medical grade tablet distinct is the ability to seamlessly carry out patient monitoring and multi-level sensory data acquisition – including input from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled healthcare devices and medical instrumentation systems.
The multimedia capabilities boasted by such tablets allow for seamless text, video, image and speech processing. Additionally, the tablets specialize in unified provision of healthcare information such as critical visuals, disease progression and unusual auditory activity to medical personnel. By the use of third party applications, the same data can be synced across the cloud for advanced analytics and warehousing. The communication capabilities permit the doctors and medical staff to stay up to date with the proceedings at the healthcare facility remotely.

Medical grade tablets, unlike their regular counter-parts, warrant a certain level of security, performance, reliability and most importantly – cleanliness. As per directions from the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, medical devices in near-patient environment must be readily cleansable to minimize contamination and infection risks. Electronic systems, including tablets, are expected to meet the same sanitization guidelines. The equipment disinfection process is to be carried out using a certified cleansing solution, making contact of the electronic device with the liquid inevitable. A tablet used in medical setting thus needs to be fortified with liquid resistant capabilities to ensure the removal of blood, body fluids, microbial organisms, routine dust and dirt.

The need for mobility associated with routine operation of any equipment healthcare setting imposes yet another crucial design requirement – portability and superior ergonomics. A functional portable computing unit is expected to be light weight so that it is carried around by the medics throughout the day (and night) with little muscular strain. The tablet is also designed to withstand ingress by liquid and dust particles.     

Cybernet's medical tablet product line-up conforms to the EN60601-1 standard, the internationally accredited certification for electronic medical equipment. The product-mix also boasts an IP-65 front bezel and an IPX1 back cover. Cybernet's medical grade tablets are fortified with antimicrobial coating on top of a rigid aluminum housing. The unique fanless design reduces not only the electrical and audible noise but minimizes dispersal of unsterile matter to a considerable extent as well. High-performance batteries on-board the medical tablets ensure uninterrupted operations extended over longer period of time. State-of-the-art ergonomics and cutting-edge processing prowess are the core factors that differentiate Cybernet from the competitors.

Medical Tablets with 2D Bar Code Scanner

Tablets with barcode scanners have become ubiquitous in the healthcare industry. They are used for a wide variety of purposes.

Medication Administration

Barcoding medication can ensure that the medication that a patient receives is correct. According to the National Institute of Health, "51% of the harm that occurs in the hospital occurs at the point of care." By using tablets with barcode scanners throughout the stay of the patient, medication errors can be almost eliminated. This reduces the potential for drug interactions, prescribing drugs to which the patient is allergic or the mix-up of medications.

Pharmacy Dispensing Tracking Using Medical Tablets

By tracking medication throughout the entire process of receiving and distributing medication, pharmacies significantly reduce the potential for error. The FDA has ruled that certain medications must be barcoded. The barcode includes the NDC (National Drug Code), the name of the medication, dosage requirements and the name of the drug company. Using a medical grade tablet with a barcode scanner facilitates the process.

Track Blood Collection Using Medical Tablets with Barcode Scanners

Medical tablets with barcode scanners are ideal for use in blood banks or in blood collection within hospitals or other healthcare settings. Errors in identification can lead to misdiagnosis of the wrong patient so using a medical tablet with a barcode scanner is a critical step in patient care. This is true for all types of specimen collection including urine & stool samples.

Data Collection / Patient Tracking with Tablet's Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners can also be used to track a patient's stay at a medical facility and collect data. From the time that the patient is introduced to the medical system, the patient's care, drugs prescribed, blood draws, x-rays taken, billing, etc., can be tracked via tablets with barcode scanners.

Barcoding of Medical Kits and Surgical Instruments

By barcoding medical supplies and instruments and using the barcode scanners in medical grade tablets for tracking, hospitals can ensure that physicians have the tools they require and the hospital doesn't order kits that won't be used. This improves efficiency and lowers costs. Each doctor has his/her preferences as to instruments and surgical kits. By using barcode scanners, it ensures that the doctors have the instruments that they prefer.