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Medical Grade Monitors

Designed from the ground up for the healthcare sector, Cybernet's medical-grade monitors deliver a better patient care experience with every pixel. These touch-screen medical displays are fully certified for hospital environments and can be customized per your needs.

Medical-Grade Monitors

Battery-Powered Monitors

Our battery-powered medical monitors offer unmatched mobility and continuous operation when wall outlets are unavailable. Whether on a medical cart or in an ambulance, these monitors can go wherever you need them to.

Features & Benefits:
  • Uninterrupted Workflow: Maintain continuous efficiency with our hot-swap batteries, effortlessly replacing depleted batteries without disrupting your work.

  • Power Multiple Devices: Our battery-powered monitors feature multiple DC power outlets, acting as a power hub for multiple other peripheral devices.

Standard-Powered Monitors

Built for 24/7 operation, our standard-powered monitors are the perfect choice when you need a high quality general purpose medical monitor with unique, innovative features. From the ER to the operating room, just plug them in and they're up to the task.

Features & Benefits:
  • Expanded Connectivity: Our monitors come with WiFi Antenna Extenders discreetly placed in the interior, boosting your WiFi coverage.

  • Safety Assurance: The IEC/UL/cUL 60601-1 certification ensures that our monitors are safe for medical environments and protect both users and patients from electrical shocks.

IEC 60601-1 Certification
IEC 60601-1 certification guarantees that our medical monitors are safe for use in healthcare environments, protecting both patients and users from electrical shocks.
Original Equipment Manufacturer
As an OEM, we can customize our medical monitors to meet your specific needs, including custom branding, software, and hardware.
Less Than 0.5% Failure Rate Year over Year
Our medical monitors are built to last, with a failure rate of less than 0.5% year over year.
Customization Options
We offer a wide range of customization options, including custom branding, software, and hardware.
3-Year Standard Warranty
We offer a 3-year standard warranty on all of our medical monitors, with the option to upgrade to a 5-year warranty.

Setting the Standard in Healthcare Visualization

The specialized features of our medical-grade monitors, such as high resolution, color accuracy, and reliability, contribute to their essential role in improving medical outcomes and overall patient care.

  • Surgery Rooms & Clinical Review

    During surgery or clinical review, healthcare providers require a high-resolution and glare-resistant display. With options for integrated anti-glare technologies and full HD resolutions, our monitors are perfect for this role.

  • Bedside Infotainment

    Having touch-screen displays in patients' rooms allows healthcare providers to not only deliver information on patient's condition but also engage them by providing access to the internet or entertainment content.

  • Charting

    Hospital personnel need a reliable display for their charting and electronic health record (EHR) systems. When attached to a mobile cart, medical-grade monitors offer an on-the-go solution for reviewing and documenting patient information.

What Makes Our Monitors Medical-Grade

When we say our monitors are medical-grade, we mean it and we have actual certifications to back that up. Our monitors are designed specifically for the healthcare setting, and integrate features that make them ideal for the role.

Medically Certified

All of our medical-grade monitors are fully IEC/UL/cUL 60601-1 and 60601-1-2 certified, guaranteeing their safety and reliability in a medical setting. By meeting these certifications, we ensure that our products will not accidentally shock either the user or the patient, and they will not disrupt or be disrupted by other electronic devices nearby.

Rated IP65

An ingress protection (IP) rating indicates how protected an electronic device is against dust and liquid intrusion. With an IP rating of 65, our medical monitors are protected against dust, water, and harsh disinfectants that could otherwise cause damage. This allows you to operate even under the messiest of conditions and clean them without issue.

Antimicrobial* Housing

The housings of our monitors are manufactured with antimicrobial properties to protect the monitor from degradation or deterioration. The housing itself is made from antimicrobial plastic resin, so even deep scratches won't compromise this protection.

PCAP Multi-Touch

Our monitors feature powerful and responsive touch screens with multi-touch capability, and can function effectively even if users are wearing surgical gloves. Additionally, they can be equipped with anti-glare technology to increase visibility and reduce eye strain in bright environments, such as operating rooms.

Scanners & Readers

We can integrate optional barcode scanners and RFID readers into our medical displays, both of which can significantly enhance your workflow. These scanners and readers can be used for scanning patient wristbands, checking medication type, controlling access to private health data, and more.

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The displays are large, bright, and stand up to the harsh environment including COVID-19 isolation rooms where they are subjected to frequent and repeated decontamination/sanitization routines.
- Jesse Nath, Sr Director of Information Technology Regional Medical Center of San Jose