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Cybernet Product Reviews

Discover the applause-worthy experiences our customers have had with our cutting-edge computers, tablets, and monitors.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

  • Cybernet has been a great company to work with. We have recently made an internal decision to eliminate the third party we purchase from and work directly with Cybernet due to the service provided by your team.

    Lifelines Neuro Michelle Langenhorst Director of Customer Experience
  • We need a reliable computer that can withstand our environment. So far the Cybernet units have been great and I don't anticipate us having any problems.

    Halliburton Energy Service Tony Simms Technology Team Leader
  • The feedback we've gotten from the end users has been excellent. We haven't had any concerns from your product whatsoever. It's done its job perfectly and allowed us to continue treating our patients in the most efficient way.

    Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Matt Maycock IT Director
  • The testament [to the Cybernet units] is that they have run and performed very well for a long period of time.

    BioFit Engineering Mark Niekranz Systems Engineer
  • It was really easy to put our trust in Cybernet for our cart project and anesthesia project. We couldn't be happier with the early results.

    Orlando Regional Medical Center Jonathan Schelmety IS Project Coordinator
  • The technical team backed me up fantastically. I'm not an IT specialist. I have limited computer knowledge, so it was very consoling to see that Cybernet went that extra mile that a lot of manufacturers do not go.

    EI Electronics John Costello RF Development and Validation Engineer

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  • CyberMed G22B
  • Verified Purchaser
Excellent All in One device The CyberMed G22B is just what we were looking for. We have been looking to standardize our all in one carts and these are perfect. Great battery life and powerful enough to run the tasks we need.

Great remote support Exceptional remote support experience with Kevin Chen at Cybernet. Quick and effective resolution. Highly recommended

  • iPC G24
  • Verified Purchaser
Fantastic Industrial Computer with Crisp Display It is fantastic, we have been using it for a couple of weeks and it works very well, the display is crisp and clear. My boss just mentioned the other day that he liked the sealed, industrial design, we don’t have to worry about the build up of dust. Sounds like we will replace or add any new computers with these.

  • CyberMed M12
  • Verified Purchaser
Screen Replacement The screen replacement process was straight forward with Cybernet. After contacting Support of the issue, they advised me on the steps I need to take to received an RMA for return. After my clients took care of the PO for the device, Cybernet sent me an RMA with instructions on shipping it back. After packing the device carefully and shipping it out, the company received the device 3 days later. about 3-5 days after receiving, the device was shipped back fully packaged and repaired. I inspected the work and tested the device and found no issues. My clients were happy with the work done.

CyberMed G15 CyberMed G15 is amazing product, good looking as device and easy to work with. Very responsive screen and fully customizable as specs.

  • iOne S19T
  • Verified Purchaser
Solid AIO touch PC and great support Bought 2 units. Great build, solid products. One presented issues from start - kept shutting down and rebooting. Sent back to factory, it was checked, some internal components changed and came back fixed. Great support.

Cybernet Account Support I have always had exemplary support from Cybernet from both the Sales side. I have been working with Sara Fasoli for more than 5 years and she has always been supportive, informative and quick to respond to our needs. The Tech Support and RMA teams have also been super helpful. The RMA teams have been great at processing my requests for RMA's and the turnaround time has been stellar.

Great for Medical Devices Have used Cybernet for over 2 years with my company and have been a great device to use in the medical field. Any issues we’ve had were directly and very easily were taken care of the Cybernet team. Mike and Rowena are awesome!

EHR Conversion I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Cybernet. Their products are sturdy, high quality and their customer service is top notch!

  • iPC S22T
  • Verified Purchaser
Great product and Outstanding Account manager We have begun using the IPC22T in our control systems and could not be more pleased with the durability and performance. The account manager has helped us every step of the way with advice and orders.

  • CyberMed NB20
  • Verified Purchaser
Director of Clinical Services We are very pleased with the service we have received from Cybernet. They were timely and answered all questions that we had to ensure we knew exactly what to expect. Sara went above and beyond for us when it came to timely delivery, pricing and as mentioned overall customer service. We never once felt pressured to purchase anything and instead were just provided all that facts and information to make an informed decision. The option to demo exactly what we were going to get was great too, as it helped add confidence to our staff.

  • CyberMed Rx
  • Verified Purchaser
CyberMed Rx The tablet functions as intended. If possible I would like the ability to enter the BIOS using buttons on the device. Currently you have to use detachable or USB keyboard to enter BIOS.

  • iPC R1s
  • Verified Purchaser
Good product at reasonable price PC's were reasonable priced and seem to work well for the warmer, dustier environment (better then I had expected).

The AIO of my Dreams I received my order in a timely manner, opened the box and it was exactly as promised.
We had been looking for a solution for a mobile cart and this is the perfect fit.
When placing the order we had questions and the support from the manufacturer was excellent.
Will continue to purchase these units.

Cybernet Cybernet goes above and beyond to help their customers attain quality products with top notch professional service.

Great Customer Service. We ordered 5 units from Cybernet and the process was very easy. Jason walked us through the process and everything was delivered in a timely manner.

  • iPC R1s
  • Verified Purchaser
Perfect computers for dusty industrial environments We operate 11 large Cement Bulk Plants around the United States. We previously used rack mount computers with internal fans. The fans were notorious for grabbing cement dust out of the air.
After switching to the fan less Cybernets we no longer had to clean the units every 3 months. This saved time and cost!!! The computer pays for itself in a year. They are reliable and do very well an any environment.
We have used the earlier models of these Cybernet units in the Gulf of Mexico with great success.
We will be purchasing additional Cybernet computers. Great service I should add as well.

  • iPC S22T
  • Verified Purchaser
Outstanding Account Manager We have recently added the Cybernet iPCS22T to our controls system and am very pleased with our OEM Account Manager and the Cybernet team for being flexible and working with us on some critical deliveries.

  • CyberMed NB22
  • Verified Purchaser
Great Medical Grade PC to Telehealth Perfect medical grade PC for Telehealth. Built to spec based on our needs. Cybernet tech staff is great to work with, extremely accommodating and excellent support on the back end!

Great Product! We received the device for evaluation and was overall very satisfied with its performance. Great and clean look, the output DC power was all we needed to operate our medical device and go portable using the hot swappable batteries. We did required to some small adjustment regarding the audio as our medical device requires to sound specific frequency range, and Cybernet is helping us to improve this with customization of the product to our specific needs. Overall very high quality products! Recommended!

  • iOne M12
  • Verified Purchaser
Cybernet All in One Touch Screen I've purchased these for 2 different companies. They are excellent for a dusty manufacturing environment and very sturdy. highly recommend.

  • CyberMed NB22
  • Verified Purchaser
NB22 review Great unit with long lasting run time

  • CyberMed S24k
  • Verified Purchaser
Perfect for our Lab Environment Our specific needs in the professional medical education field required tough standards, and Cybernet was able to meet every one of our needs. We invested in the CyberMed all-in-one computer for our cadaveric lab to provide reference material and video conferencing support to our students during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been absolutely pleased with the product. The College of Podiatric Medicine at Kent State University will be looking to Cybernet again for future needs for our medical facilities.

  • CyberMed XB22
  • Verified Purchaser
Cybernet Battery Powered Monitors are a Game-Changer for Healthcare Environments! Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) are a very integral part of our clinical staff workflow here at HCA Regional Medical Center. After recently implementing over 40 new WOWs with the Cybernet XB powered monitor solution, our IT department has received glowing reviews on them.

The displays are large, bright, and stand up to the harsh environment including COVID-19 isolation rooms where they are subjected to frequent and repeated decontamination/sanitization routines. The nurses absolutely rave about the extended battery run time when paired with our thin client CPU's. They love that the battery solution is lightweight and can be supported by a much smaller footprint WOW that is easily maneuvered versus some of the WOW solutions they've had to use in the past. IT staff loves the hot swappable batteries which means simplified support and time saved in the future. In these last several months I cannot think of even one negative characteristic of this new WOW solution incorporating the Cybernet XB monitors. Great product that "checks all the boxes" - buy with confidence and make your clinicians happy, and take the win!

  • iOne S20
  • Verified Purchaser
Cleanroom Applications These units have served as an excellent means to handle analytic PC requirements in our clean facilities and stand up to the abusive cleaning in those areas.

  • CyberMed XB22
  • Verified Purchaser
Quality power solution for mobile carts We've deployed several of these monitors on carts throughout our facility now and they are a hit! Previously we were tied to laptop screens on powered carts. These offer full workstation capability and stay powered for a long time. The nurses love them. They're easy on our budget as well. Replacement batteries on our previous carts were around $1200. While I haven't had to replace any on the Cybernet monitor yet, I don't cringe as a price of replacement batteries when that time does come. We'll be sticking with Cybernet monitors for the foreseeable future.

Our new favorite Cart Solution Installed our first unit this month. Replaced a MS Surface Pro cart solution with a Simply eConnect Cart and NB22. Wow! Doubled the viewable image, tripled the number of ports and everything is now hot swappable and hospital grade. I doubt if the hospital will ever actually plug it in! You just swap the batteries an go all day!

  • CyberMed NB22
  • Verified Purchaser
Solid medical grade solution for Telehealth applications The NB22 has performed great for a telehealth application/workflow we are utilizing. Being able to install the NB22 on a nimble non-powered cart since the NB22 has its own hot swap batteries makes the footprint for the solution much smaller and easier to move it in and out of exam rooms. The built in badge tap reader is also convenient as it keeps peripheral clutter off the work surface and is a must have for our providers. The integrated PC is fast enough to handle Zoom video conferencing and Epic EHR which is necessary for telehealth use, however we use an extra camera and speakerphone to provide a higher quality experience. Also the antimicrobial touch screen is more convenient over a mouse and the whole solution is easier to clean.

CyberMed NB22 All-in-one These units are great. We ordered one for the Nursing Staff to try out on a cart and they love it! With the rechargeable batteries, the unit never has to be plugged in. They also love the integrated privacy screen and that there are no cables. We will be ordering these for all units at the Hospital.

CyberMed computer positive review This computer is part of one of our product lines and we have had a great experience with it. Coupled with our positive experience interacting with the Cybernet team, we are quite satisfied with this product and our partnership.

User friendly Clear screen and easy to use. I definitely recommend.

  • CyberMed M12
  • Verified Purchaser
M12 small form factor wall mount computer. WE purchased these M12 units based on the success we had with the larger 22" models. The M12 is perfect for a wall mount deployment for kiosk mode PC for monitoring systems, or in this case we use them as a test station for some medical equipment. POE is a great feature.

Like to see a thinner version that could use POE+ less ports, less PC more tablet info display model.
Like to see less bezel more screen could fit a 13.3 inch in this thing :)

Quality is really great, fit and finish is perfect.

  • iOne S19
  • Verified Purchaser
The iOneS19 - a sleek, new experience. This computer has been an upgrade compared to the older model we used to purchase from Cybernet. Not only does it have a sleeker aesthetic, it weighs 15.25 lbs, which perfectly met our needs when it came to mounting these touch screen computers onto our manufactured equipment. Its IP65 rating makes it easier for our users to clean the screens as needed, too.

We're very happy with this new product!

  • iPC R1
  • Verified Purchaser
Great product but more importantly great company with great people. Switching to a rugged PC for our industrial application was an excellent choice.

Yes, they are more expensive than an off the shelf office type PC at first glance but dig a little deeper and you will find out that you most definitely get what you pay for. Not just in terms of a quality product but in my direct experience a service from the company that puts the customer first.

Choosing Cybernet and this particular product was a considered choice where cost although very important was a secondary consideration to support and backup. Communication for us is key and Cybernet have lived up to their promises. Updates when promised, questions answered promptly, no query too small, backup available without hesitation from knowledgeable and friendly staff.

With the current worldwide Covid-19 situation, the company have been honest and up front with me and this is very important as it puts me in a position where I can plan accordingly. Yes, the company have put priority customers (national healthcare providers in the UK) first during these very difficult times but amazingly they have not impacted my estimated delivery date. What an incredible service.

Cybernet are "made" by their staff, commitment and service. The quality product comes second to their most valuable resource, their people. They're my supplier of choice now.

  • CyberMed HN24
  • Verified Purchaser
These units have worked very well for us We use these units in our OR and in six different locations. We have over 300 of them and they've been in use for the last three years. short of a few SSD drives failing, these units have worked very well for our team of Anesthesiologist and they love them. Cybernet support has been great as well. keep up the good work guys.

  • CyberMed NB24k
  • Verified Purchaser
The NB24K is a Great AIO PC for ALL I work for a huge Hospital System up/down the West Cost (Moving into Western Texas) and we have been using Cybermed AIO PC's as our System-wide Standard Workstation for Anesthesia Carts the last 6+ years. I believe one of our Business Partners in Southern CA was the first Site to purchase the NB24K, even before Cybernet had it officially in Production. I've never heard of any hardware related issues with these Devices. There have been Software and Group Policy Issues however that has nothing to do with the NB24K Computer. Anything Software related is on our Internal Teams, as Cybernet sends the Devices to us and we install our own WIN7/10 Images. Cybernet has been GREAT when we need special tweaks with the Drivers in order to build our WIN7/10 Packages.
With each iteration of Epic requiring better and better resolution we recently made the NB24K our System-wide standard, which is making our Anesthesiologists very happy. I can honestly say this NB24K is well worth the cost. The best part is the 4K resolution giving us some breathing room for the next couple iterations of Epic. I can't say enough good things about this NB24K Device.

  • iOne H6
  • Verified Purchaser
iOne H6 kiosk The H6 is a good, well-built machine that we are using in several of our facilities, 27 total, and will continue to use.. We are finally having to replace our old GX31 and GX45 kiosks that have lasted for well past their expected life span. If the H6 is built like the previous models, we will not have to replace these for several years. We have had a few damaged units that we recently sent in for repair, and they were quickly fixed and returned to us.

A Reliable, Medical Grade Computer We have used the CyberMed22 units to provide a space saving computer solution for elderly patients. The anti microbial surface is also appreciated by the care givers we work with. It is quiet and efficient, and provides a professional look with its beveled edges. There are hardly ever any issues with Cybernet computers - but on the VERY RARE occasion that there is a problem, Cybernet will quickly respond with their excellent support team, and quality service.

All In One Review The units are wonderful pieces of equipment do everything we need and more. The representative's we deal with always reach back to us right away. Only a few times were there communication problems between the parties, but turned around promptly.

Perfect computer for medical imaging This is the perfect computer for our medical imaging portable xray. The batteries last forever and the unit is tough enough for hospital staff to beat up. My customers use it daily and I have had very few hardware related issues. Would highly recommend

  • iOne H6
  • Verified Purchaser
iOne H6 Review We've been using Cybernet PC's on our manufacturing floor for a long time. The iOne H6 has met all of our expectations in regards to toughness and overall reliability.

Cybernet S24 Cybernet S24 is a great product

  • iOne H6
  • Verified Purchaser
iOne H6 Review I have been using these all-in-ones for years in a harsh manufacturing environment and they are resilient. They continue to work in a hot and dusty environment. They perform continuous tasks that ensure products are able to be shipped. I highly recommend them to all my colleagues.

Response from Cybernet Hi Hong. Really sorry to hear about your frustration with the placement of the power button. We value all feedback. I'm going to have the account rep for your facility reach out to you directly to see if we can find a solution.

  • iPC R1
  • Verified Purchaser
iPC-R1 Unit Fantastic machine that is a viable solution, for any situation, in need of a small footprint. Our situation requires a small, sturdy, reliable machine, and the iPC-R1 units fill that bill and then some.

  • CyberMed C22
  • Verified Purchaser
CyberMed C22 Great Product

Exactly what I was looking for The NB22 is a great device. The design looks great and it performs exactly as I expected. The hot swappable batteries and battery runtime are better than anything else I've found, and Cybernet does a great job of providing customizations of the product for specific applications. It's an ideal solution for medical applications.

  • iPC R1
  • Verified Purchaser
OUR EXPERIENCE WITH IPC R1 The industrial computers purchased from Cybernet, especially the IPC R1 model, have been very useful and stable for our customers in the mining industry in Chile. These computers have operated in extreme conditions without presenting any type of failures. It has undoubtedly been a remarkable shopping experience.

  • iPC R2ix
  • Verified Purchaser
Great hardware great price My engineering group bought 2 units for evaluation. We have run Windows 10, Windows 7 and LINUX with no issues. The 4k video looks great. My favorite feature is the 2 front panel solid state drive bays. We quickly bought 2 more units and are using them in a build for off road use.

Great product We love these units! They do everything plus more and our customers cannot be happier!!

  • iPC R1
  • Verified Purchaser
IPC R1 Great machine! We have used many of these machines and they have been great! You really get what you pay for from Cybernet. We use these in harsh Industrial environments at Rock and Sand Gravel and Asphalt Plant for Automation. Thank you Cybernet

Cybernet PC - Great All-in-one Device I highly recommend the CyberMed NB22. It is the preferred computer at our clinics. This computer performs at a high-level with great processing power and reliable network connectivity. I have found this computer to be the ideal solution when inputting electronic medical records.

  • iOne H6
  • Verified Purchaser
iOneH6 Review I like the fact that you can configure it with the options that you want/need. I did not have to open it and remove the camera. I have had this unit for about 2 years now and have not had a single issue. I would definitely buy more if the need arises.

  • iOne H6
  • Verified Purchaser
Did the job Cybernet gave us an option for one of our industrial applications and the ione H6 did the job. PC is quality hardware and the PC's are holding up still for our customers.

  • iOne H19
  • Verified Purchaser
Solid machine for our image Capture Applications. We use the H19 to build image capture systems for medical imaging. This has been a solid machine for us and Cybernet has been a great partner to work with.

  • CyberMed Rx
  • Verified Purchaser
Wonderful tablets, wish the batteries lasted longer We use these tablets in our business and have had virtually no complaints other than the battery life. Having two hot-swappable batteries helps to alleviate the issue to a certain extent, but we've still found ourselves swapping out for brand new batteries in a number of units as they simply won't last through more than 4 hours on two full charged batteries and not all of our tablets can be docked.

  • iPC R1
  • Verified Purchaser
Technical Support We have 80 of these units out on the field running Car Wash Controller equipment and not a single one has come back for warranty. These units are performing absolutely incredible. Thank you Cybernet.

  • CyberMed NB24
  • Verified Purchaser
CyberMed HN24 I work at a children's hospital with a major NICU renovation project in process. We have been testing with these and absolutely love them. The best point is the battery that keeps the PC self contained. We are able to power our Zebra printers directly from the PC which is attached to a cart. Overall, we are very happy with this product.

  • CyberMed H24X
  • Verified Purchaser
cYBERmED h24x great DEVICE. had no issues implementing this in the OR and the RFID reader is a bonus for single sign on.

Sales We have been providing this product for a while. It seems to be dependable and durable. WE use if for a robust software that really helps the client. The CyberMed22 is great for mobile computer carts. We will continue to offer it to our customers.

  • CyberMed M156
  • Verified Purchaser
Great experience So Far we have had great experience with Chris Lynch he has been very helpful to my company and my customer. We have not tried the product as of yet but I look forward to see what it is like. Thank you for the good experience so far.

Performance and durability We are happy with these monitors, They had been useful in all our needs and showed a excellent performance.

Great product! These have been running strong for a couple of years now. Very low failure rate; mostly hard drive failures and a few warranty replacements for the internal battery backup, but no display, touchscreen, or board failures. Excellent addition to our clinical areas!

  • iOne H19
  • Verified Purchaser
Space Saver These units are great to use with wall mounts and for small countertops also make cable management really easy with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Co-founder & CEO Great Product with Great Performance

  • CyberMed NB24
  • Verified Purchaser
Project technician We use numerous of the Cybermed systems and the staff loves them! The overall performance is outstanding! Since we run 24 hours a day, the systems are put to the test. We use the internal battery systems and the life of a set of batteries is far superior to the old solution we had. Since we run 24 hours a day, the systems are put to the test. The display is pefect for the applications we use.

  • iOne H6
  • Verified Purchaser
Software Orderdesk Specialist Great hardware product and has lived up to our expectations on running our software

Operations Manager We haven't had any service calls for failures relating to this product. It's easy to clean, durable, and perfect for a medical environment.

  • iPC R3
  • Verified Purchaser
iPCR3 great value for a great system We switched to the Industrial iPCR3 for our factor environment. Starting with one unit for a year, then ramping up to over 70 on the floor today. Such a great value for a touch monitor all in one unit. We configured our model for optimum growth with regards to processor, disk and ram. We can't be happier. These machines work great and best of all they stay clean inside as they are built for industrial purposes. Great units for any factory floor.

  • CyberMed S24
  • Verified Purchaser
Desktop Engineer The CyberMed S24 is a great product. The integrated privacy screen is a big hit with the staff. The smaller, lightweight batteries makes it less of a chore to keep the workstation powered up.

ae Great product and would recommend to anyone

Project Manager We often use these monitors in our projects inside operation rooms and we are very satisfied with their performance. We recommend them for use inside medical environments.

Account Executive My clients enjoy using this monitor. No issues.