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Powered and Non-Powered Workstation on Wheels

Workstations on Wheels are a staple in the healthcare sector. They provide nurses with the ability to do bedside patient charting, accurately distribute medication and review doctors' orders and most recently have aided in the adoption of telehealth applications. Paired with a medical panel PC or a medical tablet, these carts help healthcare facilities provide the absolute best in patient care.

Available in both powered and non-powered designs, there are pros and cons to each type of cart depending on the unique needs of a hospital or other patient care facility.

Powered Carts

  • On-board charging capabilities power all devices and peripherals on the cart with a recharge time of up to 2 hours.
  • 18.5" wide footprint for greater maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Electirc lift capabilities and 180 degree swivel mount for easy adjustments whenever needed.
  • Use with CyberMed S22
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  • Lithium Iron Phosphate battery provides a long battery life at a lighter weight.
  • Single motion fluid adjustment accommodates sitting or standing.
  • Independent screen positioning to adjust tilt, pan, rotation and lift, providing a custom view.
  • Use with CyberMed S24
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  • Available with SLA, Lithium Iron Phosphate or Li-Nano batteries depending on unique needs.
  • Web-based control console provides a complete cart solution.
  • Patient specific drawers individually lock for greater safety when distributing medication.
  • Use with CyberMed S24
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  • Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is lightweight and can be recharged in about 2 hrs.
  • Centralized control panel allows users to control most cart features.
  • Small, lightweight design provides for incredible maneuverablity and a small footprint.
  • Use with CyberMed S22
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Non-Powered Carts

  • Provides ample space for computer peripherals and includes slide-out tray for keyboard.
  • VESA mounting plate to mount a battery powered medical monitor.
  • Highly mobile and height adjustable for both seated and standing operation.
  • Use with CyberMed XB Monitor
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  • Equipped with keyed access tech bays, supply bins, and drawers for supplies and peripherals.
  • Easily adjust to either seated or standing with the press of a button.
  • 5" casters capable of safely transporting your computer on wheels system from room to room.
  • Use with a CyberMed NB Computer
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  • Lightweight design can hold up to 35 lbs, meaning it can support any all-in-one battery powered PC.
  • Open-architecture design allows for multiple configurations.
  • LCD arm alows for multiple viewing adjustments, including: tilt, lift, pan and rotation.
  • Use with CyberMed NB24
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  • 18" x 20" footprint and 4 highly mobile rollerblade casters for easy travel across hospitals
  • Directional locking caster for greater maneuverability.
  • Supports LED monitors and All-in-One PCs up to 20 lbs with a tilting/swiveling VESA mount.
  • Use with CyberMed NB22
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Other Carts

  • 75/100 VESA mounting plate capable of tilting up to 90 degrees to support preferred viewing angles.
  • Hidden channel for storing cables and wires as well as attaching peripherals.
  • 4 wheel base of locking casters for easy movement around the workplace.
  • Use with CyberMed NB Computer
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  • Integrated work table means this can be used with a tablet or an all-in-one with a keyboard.
  • Lightweight design with increased mobility and small footprint.
  • Height adjustable with locking hand brake for stable work area in any configuration.
  • Use with CyberMed Rx
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  • Lightweight design (26 lbs) with anti-tip design to carry heavier loads. Hi mobility in small footprint.
  • Articulating tablet mount arm provides a variety of viewing angles.
  • Adjustable work surface adds with adjustable height control for sitting or standing.
  • Use with CyberMed T10C
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  • Easy to use hand controls allow patients to comfortably change the tablet placement for easy viewing.
  • Made with medical grade materials that can withstand cleaning agents.
  • Cables stored within the table arm, freeing your patients from cord clutter.
  • Use with CyberMed T10C
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