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Replace Your Old Batteries With Cybernet's Help

Get New Batteries for Your NB & XB Medical Computers & Monitors at a Significant Discount

As part of our commitment to our customers to maintain the health and smooth operation of our battery-powered NB series medical computers and XB series medical monitors, Cybernet is proud to offer our Battery Refresh Program. You can get replacement batteries at a discount and ensure your old batteries are disposed of responsibly.

  • One-for-one exchange on batteries made during or before June 2022
  • Over 50% discount off MSRP
  • Replace up to 100 batteries at a time
  • Return shipping is covered by Cybernet*

We will contact you within one business day

CyberMed NB Series Battery Being Handed Off

Why You Should Replace Your Batteries

The sad truth is that no battery will last forever. Over the course of repeated cycles of charging and discharging, the chemical reactions that enable their function inevitably degrade. This will result in unexpected behavior, including less run time for the computer, which relies on the health of the batteries. At that point, the only option left is to replace it.

Cybernet strongly suggests that batteries older than two years must be replaced with new batteries to continue the proper operation of the unit per its original specification.

CyberMed NB Series Battery Manufacturing Date Label

How Cybernet's Battery Refresh Program Works

The first step for the Battery Refresh Program is to check how old the battery is. Our batteries list their manufacturing date on their label. If your batteries are from June 2022 or earlier, they are eligible for replacement.

Once you've confirmed your batteries are ready for replacement, follow these steps:

  • Contact your Cybernet sales team member to inform them you want to purchase new replacement batteries. We can send batteries in batches of up to 100 at a time as part of this program.
  • After your new batteries have arrived, contact Cybernet support to receive a free* call tag.
  • Use the packaging that your new batteries arrived in to ship the old batteries back to us, where they will be properly disposed of.
*Only for customers located in the contiguous United States.