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Distributors & Partners

Our resellers play a valuable role in Cybernet's overall business model, helping us understand the needs and requirements of our customers and to deliver the right solutions that will provide the greatest benefits to them. That's why we refer to our resellers as our business partners.

Cybernet Partners

Cybernet wants to be your trusted source for all-in-one PC technology. Our products deliver the performance, reliability, and low cost of ownership that your customers expect. We also understand the challenges of resellers and IT departments, with the need to balance the pressures of time, budget and technology continuity. With our products' ease of installation and maintenance, Cybernet helps you meet those challenges and deliver better solutions to your customers. To that end, Cybernet has set up a national distribution network to serve our resellers, making it easy to order and deploy our all-in-one PC solutions.

The Cybernet Distribution Network

Cybernet has formed a network with several strategic distributors to help resellers find the best source for Cybernet products to fit their order volume, budget and business model.We recommend any of the outstanding national distributors shown below. As your business expands and you gain more experience with Cybernet products, we are always open to discuss your interest in having a direct business relationship.

Reseller Support:
Whether you order direct from us or through one of our established national distributors, you will still be receiving our personalized U.S.-based tech support directly from us, as well as assistance with customization and account management if desired.We offer the same level of support to our business partners as we do to our customers, for the life of the product.

Cybernet values your time, so we provide you with Priority Hotline Technical Support.You may contact the Technical Support department on our toll free line at 1-888-834-4577 and be connected directly to one of our technical support engineers to receive immediate support.

We want to help you be more successful in delivering Cybernet solutions to your valued customers.You can contact Cybernet to request free marketing and promotional materials to help you make the sale and address your customers' questions.

To learn more or to get started, call 1-888-834-4577 and ask for Reseller Sales.