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Industrial Panel PCs


  • Chemically Hardened Touch Glass
  • Rated For Extreme Temperatures
  • Intel Core i5/i7 Processors
  • Less than 0.5% Failure Rate
  • Responsive Touch Glass
  • Fanless Design & Rugged Construction

iPC G24

24" Industrial Touch Screen PC
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iPC S24

24" Industrial Touch Screen PC
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iPC G22

22" Industrial Touch Screen PC
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iPC S22

22" Industrial Touch Screen PC
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iPC S20

20" Industrial Touch Screen PC
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iPC S19

19" Industrial Touch Screen PC
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iPC G15
15" Industrial Touch Screen PC
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iPC M12

12" Industrial Touch Screen PC
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What is an Industrial Panel PC?

They're usually all-in-one computers manufactured with industrial, military grade components and energy-efficient fanless cooling systems. This makes them extremely rugged, similar to an industrial mini PC.

Designed to operate reliably in harsh industrial and outdoor environments, industrial touch screen PCs can withstand vibration, shock, exposure to moisture, dust, extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Enclosed or open frame, they are highly customizable, durable and reliable.

A Cybernet touchscreen panel PC has a less than 0.5% fail rate and a 5+ years product life cycle.

How are Industrial Panel Computers Being Used?

The versatility of panel PCs is unrivaled. In addition to being durable like a rugged mini PC, they also feature a touchscreen interface, opening them up to a lot more applications and use cases. Here are just a few examples of how industrial and manufacturing businesses are using Cybernet's panel PCs.

Industrial HMI panels are commonplace in manufacturing environments. They help to automate heavy machinery, providing end users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to interact with machines. This allows businesses to closely monitor production and make real-time decisions based on data collected by the panel PC.

Because Cybernet's panel PCs offer high performance platforms, they can be configured to run custom software applications. CAD design software, cutting and tooling software and even 3D printing software can all be run from our powerful panel PCs, making them a perfect solution for OEM device manufacturers looking for a custom computer solution.

This panel PC series has become a popular choice due to ease of installation and incorporation in machines, control cabinets, and many more applications. Open frame panel PCs have a variety of advantages, such as flexible mountability, ease of readability, durability, and customization.

Because our industrial touch screen computers are customizable, a lot of end users are using them to improve quality control and make processes more efficient. Available RFID and barcode integration can make materials handling and inventory management much more streamlined and accurate. RFID technology can be used to track a product through each step of the assembly process and ensure that the right parts are being installed at each workstation. RFID technology can even be used to ensure that only qualified users are logging into a machine at a specific workstation. This prevents safety hazards and reduces the risk of human error.

Cybernet's Industrial Panel PC Advantage

Reliability is our first priority and we ensure ruggedness by using industrial and military grade components to increase the durability of our industrial rugged panel PCs. In addition to the ruggedized internals, the screen is made from chemically hardened touch glass to add to the whole computer's rigidity.

Some workflows require the connection of a host of equipment to the computer while most modern computers rely only on USB and HDMI. Cybernet's touchscreen panel PCs come with a diverse collection of I/O ports, to allow you to connect new and legacy equipment alike.

Each industrial grade panel PC is built with the user in mind, starting with a variety of sizes to allow every company a convenient appropriate solution. It also has a responsive PCAP touch screen to enable easy interaction with the computers.

PoE industrial PC options are also available for those looking for low power consuming computers when outlets are not available. Different mounting options are also available for flexibility of placement and space saving.

A rugged industrial panel PC is not usually used in clean and comfortable settings. That's why they need to be built to handle the toughest circumstances. This industrial computer line-up is rated IP65 front cover to prevent any liquid or dust related damage. They're also engineered with fanless cooling technology to eliminate moving parts and remove the weakest links. This series is built to handle extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Consumer computers generally have a life cycle of around a year and a half. This poses a huge inconvenience for companies since they don't want to change their computer lineup every 2 years. This rugged touch screen PC line-up is built with longevity in mind. With the help of the durable internal components, fanless cooling technology, and many more variables.attributes, Cybernet's industrial panel computers have a 5+ years life cycle.

The 0.5% failure rate we mentioned above is a product of a lot of work to give you peace of mind and low cost of ownership. Every Cybernet computer goes through intensive testing. There's a 16 hour burn-in test that pushes computers to their limits. We make sure every PC is able to handle anything you throw at it before it leaves our facility.

And in the rare case that something goes wrong with the computer we provide premium US-based technical support and cover shipping costs should the computer need to be sent back to us. This is the level of confidence we have in our industrial rugged touch screen PC and the peace of mind we want to convey to you.

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