Industrial Panel PCs


Military-grade fanless industrial touchscreen PCs.

Our industrial touchscreen PCs are built with military grade components to withstand harsh factory or even outdoor conditions. They are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    Allows an operator to monitor & control automated processes. Support for industrial communication protocols, to accommodate the needs of many applications.
  • Fanless Industrial Touchscreen PCs
    Our industrial touchscreen PCs are fanless which makes them more durable and virtually maintenance free.
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Shock / Vibration Proof
    Certified to meet IEC60068-2-27 standards for shock and durability. IP65 sealed to be waterproof & dustproof.
  • Handles Extreme Temperatures
    Built to withstand temperatures of up to 70 degrees C / 158 degrees F.

3-5 Year Product Life Cycle

Original Design Manufacturer

U.S. Technical Support

U.S. Manufacturing Facility

Canrig Oil
National Oilwell Varco

Industrial Touchscreen PCs

iOne N19

  • 19" Fanless Industrial Panel PC
  • Intel® Dual Core™ N2800
  • Resistive Single-Touch, Flexible Open Frame, Human Machine Interface, and up to four RS-232 Ports
  • Rated Up To 70°C/158°F and IP64 Waterproof Front Bezel

iPC R3

  • 19" Fanless Industrial Panel PC
  • Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i3/i5/i7
  • Resistive Single-Touch, Flexible Open Frame, Human Machine Interface, and up to three RS-232 Ports
  • Rated Up To 70°C/158°F and IP65 Waterproof Front Bezel

Features of our Industrial Panel PCs

Our industrial panel pcs have an extensive array of features designed to meet the requirements of industrial applications.

iPC R3 with Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface

Control industrial automation equipment with our powerful HMI Industrial PCs built to satisfy the stringent standards required in the automation market. With support for industrial communication protocols, it can accommodate the needs of many applications.

With a Cybernet industrial panel PC, you get a comprehensive range of integrated HMI capabilities. With the increasingly complex automated processes and systems, our HMI industrial computers allow operators to monitor and manage industrial processes.

Highly Customizable

Our industrial panel pcs are highly customizable with large features set from which to select. Our industrial panel pcs are built to order so that you get exactly what you need without paying for features that you don't require.

Industrial Grade Touchscreen

Our industrial panel PCs come with an antiglare, 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen with anti-scratch technology. The touchscreen works with hands or even with gloves.

Open Frame

Our Industrial Touchscreen PCs are open frame allowing for customized applications.

iOne N19 Waterproof Industrial Panel PC

IP65 Sealed / Waterproof & Dust Proof

Because they are IP65 sealed, our industrial panel pcs are waterproof and dust proof, preventing the ingress of liquids, dust, grime and particles. This protects the pcs from damage and increases the durability and reliability of the pcs. Our industrial panel pcs, with their military grade components and IP65 certification, are perfect for industrial applications where they are exposed to conditions that would cause a commercial grade or consumer grade computer to fail.

VESA Mountable

Support for standard VESA mounting options including mounting to walls, carts or even tractors. Mount our industrial panel PCs on virtually any platform.


Our Industrial Panel PCs, with their military grade components and extensive arrays of features, are competitively priced and surprisingly affordable. Contact one of our sales team for details.

Multiple RS232 Serial Ports

Connect legacy devices & peripherals using the multiple RS232 serial ports. Many industries still have legacy devices that need to be integrated with their industrial PC. With our multiple RS232 ports, you can attach your legacy devices to our industrial panel PCs and have a powerful industrial computer with an extensive feature set.

Open Frame Panel PCs

Open Frame Panel PCs

Cybernet's Panel PCs are open frame which offers flexibility in customized applications. It can be used in a variety of settings including manufacturing, factory floors or any other industrial environments.

Our panel PCs are reliable, durable and fanless. This makes them a good choice as part of an industrial application where an open frame panel PC is required. An open frame panel pc can be used as an interface for almost any industrial application where it will be in a harsh or dirty environment.

Open frame industrial computers are an excellent solution for OEMs and industrial systems integration. Because they are fanless, have considerable computing power and are rugged, they can be adapted to almost any environment.

Industrial Touchscreen PCs

Industrial Touchscreen PCs

In factories or manufacturing environments, the use of industrial touchscreen PCs have become commonplace. Industrial touchscreen PCs can withstand factory conditions and have the features needed for industrial applications.

More and more industries are turning to industrial touchscreen PCs because of their features, such as being fanless, having RS232 serial ports and dual NICs. A Cybernet industrial touchscreen panel PC is fully sealed and is customizable to meet your specific requirements.

The HMI (human machine interface) allows an operator to monitor and control automated processes in an industrial setting.


DRS Technologies, Inc.

They are good looking units, and are doing just what we purchased them for with no complaints.

-A.S., Lead Support Analyst
DRS Technologies, Inc.

Transform Automotive, LLC.

The Cybernet solution enabled us to do rapid deployment and reduce the PC footprint in the gauging area of our shop floor, while saving money in the process.

-S.H., System Administrator
Transform Automotive, LLC.

National Oilwell Varco

The objective was to allow the server to just do the data archiving while the PC does the rest, and the PC most definitely met that goal.

-A.Z., Senior Field Manager
National Oilwell Varco