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Business Tablets

  • Optional RFID Reader
  • Integrated 2D Barcode Scanner
  • High Performance Intel Processors
  • Less than 2% Failure Rate
  • Windows 7, 10, IoT Compatible
  • FIPS Compliant Smart Card Reader
Rugged X10
10.1" Rugged Windows Tablet
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T10C Tablet
9.7" Business Tablet
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What is a Business Tablet PC?

While many consumer tablets are used in business, work places, and professional environments, there are always compromises since they're not optimized for the job. A business tablet PC is engineered, designed, and built specifically to meet the demanding and diverse needs of the professional world.

Longevity of the tablet is an issue businesses need to consider. Average consumer tablets last around 2 years when used sporadically while a business tablet PC can last well over 5 years while being used full time.

Another problem with a consumer tablet is manufacturer's support. A consumer tablet has a 1-2 year warranty before the manufacturer stops supporting the product. As a business, that's an unsettling fact. You need the manufacturer to offer a 3+ year warranty or else you'll be left in the dust or have to pay for support on any issues you run into after 1-2 years. Cybernet's business tablet PCs have a 5+ year warranty and are backed up by lifetime support.

How are Business Tablet PCs Used?

There are three main ways they are used to facilitate businesses.

  1. They can be consumer facing, such as payment processing or for checking in.
  2. They can be used in employee interactions, such as in payroll time management or clocking in and out.
  3. They are also used for business tasks, such as communication, keeping up with updates, or taking notes on the go.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Your business is unique and your needs are different. The fact is, most tablets won't fit all your needs. Whether you use it for your customers, employees, or your IT department, it can be used to improve your process and your workflow. Below are some factors to consider when picking a tablet for your business.

One of the biggest drawbacks of consumer tablets is the lack of I/O ports. This limiting factor causes frustration for many users and requires a lot of workarounds when trying to connect to other equipment. With Cybernet's tablet PCs you can have USB ports, Ethernet port, HDMI, audio Jack, and more.

If your tablet needs includes attending meetings, documenting anything with photos, inventory management, or many more functions, you'll find a camera on the tablet to be useful. Cybernet's versatile tablets have both front and rear-facing cameras.

This has become a standard in today's world. For most applications you will need some sort of connectivity. WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities are a must have for any tablet used in business.

You have many options when it comes to operating systems and many businesses have specific requirements and preferences. Make sure the tablet you pick supports the standard operating system your company uses. Whether you need Linux or Windows tablets (10/11/Pro/IOT) Cybernet's tablets can help.

Businesses using tablets face many problems such as misplacing the tablet or busy hands unable to hold the tablet or dropping it. A VESA mount allows you to mount the tablet on a desk, cart, wall, or anywhere you need so you can use it without having to hold it. It also means you will have a dedicated place for the tablet so it doesn't get lost. You can also choose a desktop docking station with a VESA mount to enable a fixed workstation with additional monitor, USB, and LAN connectivity.

Many consumer tablets might have similar options, but only the 1% have the next level of work-facilitating options. Integrated options such as built-in barcode scanner, RFID reader, card reader, and more, are a game changer for businesses. Instead of connecting third-party dongles, scanners, and equipment, look for a Cybernet tablet with everything you need built in.

A major issue we are all familiar with when it comes to laptops and tablets are batteries. Most of the time the battery life is too short and of course the battery itself doesn't work properly after a short period of time. One of the best options to look for when considering a tablet is to have swappable batteries. This helps in multiple ways, you'll never need to have the tablet out of commission next to an outlet since you can swap the batteries. Secondly if any batteries aren't in perfect shape replacing it is as simple as it gets. You can also opt into a hot swap battery option, which allows you to change the batteries while the device is running.

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