Windows Business Tablets

Cybernet offers multiple windows tablets with a robust feature set. Full sized ports, optional barcode and RFID readers and additional accessories make our windows tablet PCs a robust solution for enterprise use.

Business Tablets

  • 10.1" Rugged Windows Tablet
  • 10-Point PCAP Multi-Touch
  • Intel® 5th Gen Core™ i5 & i7 with vPro
  • Up to 8GB DDR3 & 128GB SSD Drive
  • Internal 2D Barcode Scanner, Internal RFID, Biometric Reader, Internal CAC
  • IP65 Waterproof Front Bezel
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  • 9.7" Business Tablet
  • 10-Point PCAP Multi-Touch
  • Intel® Quad Core™ N2930 CPU
  • Up to 8GB DDR3 & 128GB SSD Drive
  • Internal 2D Barcode Scanner, Internal RFID & Imprivata SSO Certified, Internal CAC
  • IP65 Waterproof Front Bezel
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Fanless Tablet Available

Fanless Tablet Available

The fanless design eliminates maintenance and extends the life of the tablet. A fanless tablet is soundless.

Digitizer Stylus

Digitizer Stylus

Sign documents easily or just use it as a pen.

Integrated CAC and MSR

Integrated Smart Card Reader

A single corporate card or token that can be used for PC, network and application login, user authentication and building access.

RFID Reader

RFID Reader

The RFID Reader provides access control using an RFID proximity badge reader.

T10C with VESA Mount Docking Station

Benefits of Cybernet's Tablets for Business

Use in Dusty or Harsh Environments

Our Windows Tablets are IP65 sealed with an IPX1 back cover protecting them from dust and debris in the environment. They are a great option for inventory control in warehouses or in rough environments where consumer tablets would fail.

VESA Mount Docking Station

Cybernet's tablets for business can be wall mounted or cart mounted using the VESA docking bracket. Additionally, the business tablets' Docking Station provides a power supply, two additional USB ports in addition to the USB ports that are directly on the tablet, and an additional NIC port.

T10C in Desktop Docking Station

Lightweight but Powerful

Cybernet's business tablets have all of the features of heavier tablets but weighs as little as 1.7 pounds. When your staff needs to carry the tablet throughout the day, the tablet has to have the functionality to meet your business needs yet light enough that it is not a burden to carry. Cybernet's tablets are some of the lightest tablets available.

Low Fail Rate

Our Windows tablets have one of the lowest fail rates in the industry. Because they are IP65 sealed, they are protected from water, dust & debris and other environmental factors. Their military grade components reduces the chance of fail.

T10C Tablet with Protective Rugged Case

Windows 7, 8 or 10 Touch Screen Tablets

Many businesses are using still using Windows 7 touch screen. Our tablets will run Windows 7 for your business applications. No need to upgrade your Windows until you want to upgrade. Our tablets also run Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Integrates Into Network / Inherits Security Features

Our Windows tablets integrate easily into your network and inherit the security features of your network. This gives additional security to the tablet and saves your IT resources. Tablets with operating systems other than Windows, such as the Apple iOS, are not easily integrated into a network and do not inherit the security features of your network.

Tablet as an Interface

Our business tablets are often used in conjunction with OEM hardware as an interface. With the USB ports and the HDMI dual display mode, easily integrate one of our business tablets into your hardware solution. Use our business tablets to control processes or act as an interface.

Doctors, Chiropractic & Veterinary Offices

Our business tablets are HIPAA compliant and are popular among healthcare providers. Our business tablets offer many of the same features as our medical grade computers but have the features necessary for the front office.

Windows Tablets with Built-in Barcode Scanner

Inventory management / tracking made easy!

T10C Tablet with Barcode Scanner

Tablets with barcode scanners are used for a wide range of purposes. From supply chain tracking to inventory management to manufacturing, businesses have come to rely on barcode scanners.

Inventory Management

Barcoding your inventory allows you know your exact inventory, what you need to order, what has sold and what hasn't. It eliminates the potential for human error. This kind of information allows you to make better business decisions. The information is up-to-date and available at your fingertips.


With the barcode scanner, track your inventory from the minute it arrives in your warehouse until it leaves. Your Cybernet business tablets will hold up in tough warehouse conditions.

Barcode Scanner Functions with Financial Software

Barcode scanning has become so ubiquitous in management that it is being used for entering sales receipts and other transactions into your financial software. Cybernet's business tablets with Windows are powerful enough to run your financial software and integrate management of your accounting transactions.

Use Real-time Tracking

Track inventory & resources in real-time. Decrease the misplacement of valuable inventory, reduce & track theft, and lower inventory costs. Only order what you need and have up-to-the-minute information on your inventory. Automate the tracking process with a Cybernet Windows tablet with barcode scanner.

What is a Business Tablet

What is a Business Tablet

Mobile Point of Sale Tablet

A business tablet is a mobile computer designed to support business and enterprise applications, operate reliably 24/7, have a low failure rate of less than 2%, and a lifespan of up to 6 years. Business tablets are predominantly Windows or Linux based, and compatible with most enterprise software suites.

Customizable ports on a business tablet allow interfacing with legacy hardware, HMI, and MMI, and Business Intelligence solutions. Embedded RFID and 2D Barcode Scanner, optional rugged build and carrying handle ensure the business tablets converge multiple devices in one, cross-functional device with a high computing power and advanced connectivity and cyber security features.

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