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Cybernet Computers and Tablets

OEM / ODM Services

Full Service Design & Engineering Support

  • Full engineering team
  • ISO 13485:2016 medical certified company
  • Rapid, global access with our regulatory experience
  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • US-Based final assembly & quality control
  • 7 to 10 year product lifecycles

Project Kickoff

The first step of any successful ODM project is to conduct a thorough specification review. Cybernet will provide a detailed proposal, including a feasibility study, mechanical renderings, electrical analysis, system level design, costs, and timeline. Once mutually approved and the business terms are finalized, Cybernet will kick off the project development.

  • Specifications Finalization
  • PCBA Layout
  • Component Selection
  • ID Design
  • ME Design
  • System Level Design

Engineering Verification Test (EVT)

Once the Design is mutually approved, Cybernet will move forward with the EVT sample. However, this phase is more than just delivering a first mock sample. It is about checking if the product is Designed for Manufacturing (DFM). This analysis will make manufacturing more efficient, and reduce the overall costs of the project.

  • Manufacturing Software Creation
  • EVT Manufacturing Run
  • EVT Sample
  • Manufacturing Analysis and DFMEA
  • EVT Closing Meeting

Design Verification Test (DVT)

The DVT phase will take all of the findings from the EVT and incorporate design changes in both the product and manufacturing process. During DVT we will also create the mechanical tools and dies to create the DVT samples. Since DVT samples are near pilot/mass production equivalents, we will also start the regulatory testing.

  • Adjustments to overall design
  • Tooling and Die Creation
  • DVT Manufacturing Run
  • Manufacturing Software Validation
  • DVT Sample
  • Kick off Regulatory Testing
  • DVT Closing Meeting

Design Quality Assurance (DQA)

Utilizing the DVT units, our Design Quality Assurance (DQA) team will begin their tests. This is a critical step to ensure the product meets all of the electrical, mechanical, thermal, and functional specifications.

  • Functional / Performance / Compatibility / Mechanical / Reliability / Environmental Testing
  • Signal Integrity
  • Completed Regulatory Certifications

Design completion and Pilot production

The Pilot phase is where the final calibrations are done. Verification and Validation (V&V) of our process and products and the formal Device Master Record (DMR) are generated. At the end of the Pilot, the product is ready for mass production.

  • Final adjustments to the manufacturing process
  • Tool/Die/Fixture/Software IQ / OQ / PQ
  • Pilot Manufacturing Run
  • Pilot units are built using final design/processes
  • Pilot Closing Meeting
  • Ready for Mass Production

Service and Support throughout the lifecycle

Just because the design is completed doesn't mean we stop there. The final step once the design is finished and mass production has kicked off, Cybernet will dedicate a sustaining team to continuously provide service and support the end of life.

  • Project sustaining Team is created and the design information is transferred
  • Continuous monitoring for production and field failures
  • Trending of failures
  • Make any design/process improvements as needed
  • Product service and repair

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We design and manufacture computing solutions for three primary markets: health care, industrial/manufacturing, and enterprise. With 25+ years of experience in these vertical markets and a strong branded presence, Cybernet is in a unique position to have first-hand market knowledge of how the computers are being used in their environment. This knowledge allows us to be a true partner, offering constructive ideas to improve the overall design, while leveraging our manufacturing and global access expertise to rapidly deploy products.

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