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Enterprise Computers

  • VESA Mountable
  • Internal UPS (5 Hour Runtime)
  • PCAP Multi-Touch
  • Fanless Design
  • Integrated RFID Reader
  • IP65 Sealed
iOne S24
24" Enterprise Computer
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iOne S22
22" Enterprise Computer
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iOne S20
20" Enterprise Computer
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iOne S19
19" Enterprise Computer
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iOne M12
12" PoE Enterprise Computer
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What is Enterprise Computing?

Enterprise computing is a company's information technology system and tools to ensure efficient and smooth operations. This covers many aspects of a company's efforts such as: supply chain management, business process management, customer relationship management, database management, and more.

Enterprise computing is an essential component in the success of any business and a part of the company's structure.The proper use of enterprise computing resources can help a company excel and streamline most of their processes. Many of the company's workflow is handled and done on an enterprise computer.

What is an Enterprise Computer?

There are a few factors that distinguish an enterprise computer from a consumer or off-the-shelf computer. Reliability tops that list. Since they're used for intricate and important business operations, any downtime can cause heavy financial loss.

Cybernet's enterprise computers are built to go above and beyond with a durable structure and an IP65 rated front bezel to ensure the computer's operation even in the toughest environments.

Cybernet's computers are built with a responsive PCAP multi-touch screen to facilitate engagement. Users can use gestures as well as simply tap the screen. They can also be equipped with an internal UPS battery for emergencies that has a runtime of up to 5 hours.

These enterprise computers are VESA mountable and fanless so they can be deployed anywhere without worrying about the environment or airflow. They can include built-in optional features such as RFID reader, barcode scanner, and DC power out to supply power to other devices.

Why Invest in Enterprise PCs?

A robust and versatile enterprise computer is a smart choice for any business expecting to use their computers heavily. They're built to work 24/7 with a life expectancy of well over 5 years. They're generally found where reliability and performance are paramount. A customer-facing concierge in a hotel or retail center, for example, is the last place that a company can afford a downed computer and a frustrated customer. The touch screen capabilities make it ideal for customer-facing applications and even more so since they can be mounted anywhere via their VESA mount.

The RFID and smart card reader options make it perfect for employee use or limit access since authorized people can just scan their badge and access the computer. That comes in handy in environments like labs or research centers that require security and privacy. Privacy is also increased via the optional privacy filter.

The fanless cooling technology ensures the unit doesn't stir up dust or particulates in the air in clean and sterile environments. The IP65 rating means they're easy to clean, disinfect, or apply harsh chemicals to if needed. These are just some of the benefits a Cybernet enterprise computer would offer that consumer computers can't provide.

Highly Secure Enterprise Computers

As we touched on briefly above, some industries require much more data security than others. This is where an enterprise computer is vital. Cybernet offers a variety of OS options like Linux, which is far less susceptible to viruses and malware. Our units can also be equipped with Integrated RFID, FIPS Compliant smart card, and fingerprint readers for two-factor authentication, ensuring only authorized users can access data.

In the event of power outages, we offer an optional internal UPS to ensure uninterrupted power so computers can safely shut down without losing data. We even protect against accidental damage and hard drive corruption by offering IP65 front bezel protection that prevents dust, debris, and water from penetrating our devices and permanently damaging internal components. While these additional layers of security and safety aren't necessary for everyday office applications, when there is a specialized need, the only option is an enterprise computer.

A Higher Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

Mean time between failure and product lifecycle are two critical factors to consider. For light computing applications, you can get away with a consumer device. But for more intense applications, MTBF and product lifecycle are essential considerations.

Because Cybernet engineers all of our computers with industrial-grade components and are designed for 24/7 operation, our enterprise computers are built to last. In fact, over the past decade, we boast a less than 2% failure rate despite having deployments in some of the most demanding and harsh environments imaginable.

Beyond that, product lifecycle can be an important consideration. Your standard computer manufacturer is updating their models every 10-18 months. This means two things. First, the end goal is to get you to upgrade your computer hardware more frequently. Second, support for these devices is more challenging to come by. The cost to fix an "older" computer is only slightly less than it costs to replace a unit completely. This is by design. Cybernet offers a 5-7 year product lifecycle, meaning if your project takes a year to complete, you'll receive the computers with the same technical specification for your last deployment as you did with the first batch. Cybernet offers support on all of our enterprise PCs for the life of your computer, which is far longer than a consumer-grade option.

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