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Computers and Tablets for Government Applications

Cybernet has an extensive line of all-in-one computers and tablets built with a varied feature set. From rugged technology for field use, integrated RFID and CAC readers for secure login, and military grade components for extended lifespans, Cybernet can customize a solution to meet your needs. We even manufacture an extensive line of medical grade computers to support VA hospitals across the country. Whatever your unique needs, Cybernet has the expertise and understanding of the government sector to provide you with the right technology.

Military Grade Computer

Cybernet uses military grade components in their all-in-one computers that are designed to withstand harsh environments as well as run 24/7 while still lasting longer than a commercial-grade alternative. Our iOne S22 all-in-one computer is perfect for a command center with limited space for multiple towers. Powerful graphics capabilities, dual monitor support and lightning-fast processors make the iOne C22 capable of tackling any application thrown its way.

Medical Grade Computer for Government Facilities

There are hundreds of VA and military hospitals throughout the country, all of which have computing needs that are vastly different than typical government use. Cybernet manufactures an extensive line of medical grade computers, like the CyberMed S24, that are UL/cUL 60601-1 & IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition certified for near-patient use, and feature antimicrobial* casings to protect the computer from degradation or deterioration. We even have a full line of all-in-one medical computers with hot swap batteries for 24/7 mobile use on a workstation on wheels.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

We've been using the Cybernet computers at our facility for several years now. Our nurses love how responsive the touch screen is and our IT manager appreciates the integrated security features that allow for secure log-in.

-S.D., IT Specialist
US Department of Veterans Affairs

Best of Breed Security Integration

All of our units can be equipped with optional CAC/smart card readers, biometric fingerprint scanners or integrated RFID readers to help you comply with any security regulations. Two-factor authentication can help ensure that only authorized users can login and access sensitive files and data. With units like the Cybernet iOne S24, There is no need to purchase third-party peripherals, as all of our optional readers and scanners are fully integrated into our units.

Mobility for any Function

Cybernet designs and manufactures a number of Windows tablets designed to meet a wide array of uses. Our medical grade tablets are antimicrobial* to protect the tablet from degradation or deterioration, UL/cUL 60601-1 & IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition certified for near patient use, IP65 rated and Imprivata SSO certified with optional smart card, RFID and fingerprint readers integrated directy into the devices.

We also manufacture rugged tablets built with military grade components and VESA mount compatibility. These units can be mounted anywhere, and are shock and vibration proof. Full-sized ports, and a number of customizable features make these some of the most robust and versatile tablets available.



The Cybernet computers that we use have been incredibly reliable. We have had issues in the past with other vendors, but once we integrate the all-in-ones, we rarely have a hardware issue. And when we do, Cybernet always resolves the issue quickly.

-R.F., Project Manager


We looked at a number of different manufacturers before choosing Cybernet. Ultimately, they were able to customize their units to our specific needs, and their sales and support staff worked with our engineers throughout the process to get the solution right.

-T.R., Manufacturing Engineer