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Workstation on Wheels Computers

Turnkey Medical Cart Solution

The CyberMed NB Series + A Non-Powered Cart
A Turnkey Medical Cart Solution

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities deploy hundreds of medical carts and computers to help doctors and nurses provide better patient care. While these workstations are a vital component to providing quality care, the typical workstation on wheels is far from being an efficient solution or cost effective.

Pairing a CyberMed NB Computer with hot swap batteries with a non-powered cart has a number of advantages over a traditional powered cart with laptops, thin client, or small form factor PCs, and could save your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars on your next cart project.

How to Minimize Your Total Cost of Ownership of a Medical Cart Solution

How to Minimize Your Total Cost of Ownership

When undergoing a cart project, you can't look at the cart and computer as two separate purchases. Doing so will often lead organizations to choose the most affordable PC. While this may seem like a wise decision at first, it will typically severely limit the carts you can pair with your hardware.

Because the CyberMed NB24 and NB22 are powered by their own hot swappable batteries they can be mounted on a non-powered cart. The CyberMed NB series can also power third party peripherals like a barcode scanner or a printer, making it a complete solution. Powered carts are typically 3x more expensive than non-powered carts, so even though the CyberMed NB series medical grade computers are more expensive than a thin client PC, on average users save $1,400 per solution when they combine a CyberMed NB computer with a non-powered cart. Multiply that over 100 carts, and that is an initial savings of $140,000.

Medical Grade Computer with a Runtime of 21 Hours

Improving Efficiency with a Turnkey Solution

Both a powered cart and a battery powered computer have limited runtimes. But that is where the similarities begin and end. A powered cart has an average runtime of 10 hours before the battery needs to be recharged. It can take several hours for that battery to recharge, leaving the cart and computer useless during that time. Considering the 24/7 nature of hospital activity, nearly a third of the day is spent charging the battery in a powered cart.

By contrast, the CyberMed NB series of medical grade computers have a runtime of 21 hours. But unlike a powered cart that needs to be tethered to an electrical outlet to recharge, the hot swap batteries of the CyberMed NB units can be switched out for fresh batteries on the fly, leading to 24/7 uptime capability.

Medical Cart with Greater Maneuverability

Gaining Greater Maneuverability

Another drawback of powered carts is the fact that they are bulky and heavy. A typical powered cart is approximately 50lbs. heavier than a non-powered cart. Powered carts also tend to have a larger footprint. Now consider the cramped space in the typical patient room and imagine the typical nurse who will be pushing the cart. It's no wonder why one of the main complaints nurses have when talking about workstations on wheels is how difficult it can be to lug a powered cart from room to room multiple times per shift.

Non-powered carts not only have smaller footprints, but removing the extra 50lbs. found in a cart battery makes these solutions much more maneuverable in tight spaces and help to cut down on the wear and tear that nurses experience on a daily basis.

Additional Advantages of the CyberMed NB Series of Workstation on Wheels Computers

Additional Advantages of the CyberMed NB Series of Workstation on Wheels Computers

  • UL/cUL 60601-1 & IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition Certified for near patient use
  • IP65 Rated for Easy Disinfection
  • Supports VESA 75/100 Standards
  • Antimicrobial* casing to protect the computer from degradation or deterioration
  • Fanless Cooling Technology
  • High Reliability & Less than 2% Failure Rate