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Why Medical Grade Computers

Computers with 60601-1 certification have been designed to meet a series of electrical and radiation emission standards as set by IEC (International Electronics Counsel) to ensure the safety of the patient in certain critical care settings as these devices may come in close vicinity of six feet to a patient. Although not a part of IEC standards, most 60601-1 medical computers have Antimicrobial Surface Protection to stop the spread of germs and viruses.

All Cybernet medical computers are designed and manufactured to IEC 60601-1 standards and have antimicrobial surface protection.

CyberMed CN22 Customizable Medical Computer

Healthcare Settings for Medical Grade Computers

The healthcare industry uses hospital grade computers in a wide variety of areas. From the hospital patient exam room to ICU to tablets used at nursing stations. Long-term healthcare facilities use medical grade computers. Chiropractors, Veterinary Clinics & Blood Banks have all used medical grade computers and tablets. It is optimal to use healthcare grade computers in a clinical setting.

Cybernet has been providing medical grade computers to the healthcare industry for over 19 years including for use with EMR software, in hospitals, blood banks, and other healthcare environments.


EMR Charting

Cybernet devices are used in many top hospitals & long-term healthcare facilities for use with the most popular EMR software including EPIC, eClinical, Meditech & Nextgen. Cybernet's Medical Grade Computers with their antimicrobial housing, native 1920 x 1080 resolution and high aspect ratio, meets and exceeds the hardware requirements of EPIC. Currently, the largest EMR software vendor in the U.S. CyberMed H24, CyberMed C22, CyberMed HN24, CyberMed CN22 have been certified by EPIC.

Cybernet's All in One Medical Computers are built to handle EPIC software upgrades without needing to upgrade the hardware, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Providing access to EMR software with the vicinity of the patient allowed staff members to provide the excellence in care that Athena Health Care promises its patients and their families.

T.P., IT Director


Anesthesia Carts

Anesthesiologists rely on medical computers integrated with an anesthesia machine to monitor patient vitals, ensure patient safety, and keep accurate documentation during Operating Room procedures. Using an all-in-one workstation can help simplify the anesthesia cart configuration because there are fewer pieces of hardware. Cybernet understands the specific requirements for such complex and patient monitoring device. Cybernet offers fanless medical computers in 24", 22", 19" and 17" configurations and are all configured with multiple RS232 serial ports to interface with the anesthesia equipment for data collection. Cybernet devices offer up to 5 serial ports depending on the model.

I love working with Cybernet. The team stays in touch and there is low need for support because the hardware has been very reliable.

J.L., Senior System Engineer

Blood Banks

Patient Monitoring / Engagement

Cybernet's medical computers are used at patient bedsides for charting purposes by the doctors & nurses. The same computer used by hospital personnel can also be used by the patient for checking emails, accessing the internet, watching television, ordering meals or checking on their healthcare progress. This patient use is often called, "Patient Engagement" or "Patient Infotainment." By having a single platform for both patient monitoring and patient engagement, it significantly reduces costs and provides real time information at the point of care.

Choosing Cybernet's all-in-one PCs made my job a lot easier; they performed flawlessly during the implementation and continue to reliably run our new medical record software.

-K.M.P., Information Technology Director

Other Healthcare Environments

Other Healthcare Applications

Medical computers are used in a wide variety of healthcare applications including mobile computing such as blood banks and home healthcare services. Other healthcare applications include dispensing medication to patients, point of care diagnostics, hospital billing & accounting, medical labs & biotechnology, and telemedicine. Cybernet's devices are the perfect tool for healthcare professionals to utilize in varied environments.

The CyberMed T10 tablet and CyberMed MP15T with touch screens have the ideal features, performance, and reliability to power our leading-edge FES systems.


Healthcare Computing

The use of medical computers can reduce healthcare costs, make healthcare more accessible and improve patient outcomes. With the current paradigm evolving into a more patient-centric model, Cybernet's medical computers and medical tablets allow healthcare administrators to respond to emerging healthcare trends and increase a patient's access to quality healthcare services.

Industrial Computers in a Healthcare Setting

Rugged Computers
in a Healthcare Setting

Many healthcare facilities require a rugged and durable computer for mission critical usage and 24/7 operation. Cybernet offers both Mini Rugged Computers and Panel PCs offering robust reliability not offered with traditional PCs.

Computers for Medical Carts

Small Form Factor Rugged PCs for Medical Carts

Computers on medical carts are put through a lot of stress and need to be shock & vibration proof. Computers in ambulances and other mobile environments need to be able to withstand much more shock than a computer in a stable environment. Our Small Form Factor Rugged Mini Computers are idea for Medical Carts and other mobile healthcare settings.

iPC R1 - Mobile MRI Unit Ready

Mobile MRI Unit Ready

The use of industrial computers for Mobile MRI Units is ideal. Industrial computers withstand the shock and vibration of rough driving conditions.

If you need a waterproof, dustproof computer that can stand up to rough driving conditions, our line of fanless rugged mini PCs may be the solution.

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