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Cybernet M10 All-in-one computer - Simulated PoE Solution

Due to popular interest of using our M10 all-in-one computer in remote locations where an AC power is not easily available, Cybernet has engineered a method of simulating Power Over Ethernet (PoE). This is done by designing custom Y-splitter cables to transmit both power and ethernet signals through a single CAT6 ethernet cable.

In traditional PoE implementations, an expensive switch will provide both power and ethernet signals through each PoE port. The other common implementation is to use an external PoE injector that will receive power from a power supply and standard ethernet signal, then combine the two in to a standard PoE port.

Our solution doesn't require any expensive equipment or specialized know-how to implement. We simply designed a y-splitter cable that on one side will receive power from the supplied power supply, and a standard ethernet signal. The other end of the cable will combine the two signals to a single RJ45 connector. A standard CAT6 cable will plug in to the custom y-splitter cable to the endpoint side, and through another y-splitter cable, separate the power and ethernet signals in to our M10 all-in-one computer. This effectively simulates PoE in applications where an AC power outlet is not accessible for longer distances.

Please contact us for more information regarding our simulated PoE solution!