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Why does my i-One display say Out of Range or Input Not Supported?

Cause - The display resolution has been set too high for the internal display of the i-One-series PC.

The i-One-series LCD PCs have a maximum native resolution of 1280x1024. If the display resolution is set too high, either Input Not Supported or Out of Range will appear on the LCD panel and the Windows desktop will be inaccessible.

1. To rectify this, reboot the PC in Safe Mode.

2. Once in Safe Mode, open Device Manager and expand the Display Adapters.

3. Delete all that are listed, and then restart the PC in normal mode.

4. Once restarted the machine should boot into Windows, and the Found New Hardware Wizard will begin, asking to install drivers for the display adapter.

5. Cancel the Found New Hardware Wizard and install the driver from the original driver CD or from our website.