It has been estimated that Hurricane Florence will cause as much as $50 billion in damage to the Carolinas. While most people think of damaged homes, cars and other property, a large percentage of those costs can be attributed to economic loss. Data loss, in particular, is extremely costly to businesses as well as lost productivity.

It doesn’t take a hurricane level storm to have a significant impact on businesses. Minor earthquakes, power outages, and other events can all pose a threat to businesses that don’t have the right IT infrastructure in place. Commercial grade computers are often the most vulnerable in these types of situations. And even if a company leverages the cloud, if individual workstations are compromised, data and productivity are lost. Here are 3 ways the right computer can help mitigate that risk.

Industrial Grade Components in Enterprise PCs

While earthquakes can be frightening while they are happening, most don’t cause major structural damage to buildings and roads that would cause a business to shut down for an extensive period of time. But even a minor earthquake can be devastating to computer equipment. If a computer is on a desk, the vibrations might be enough to cause the unit to fall to the ground, or the shaking could be enough to damage internal components like the hard drive, rendering the computer useless.

Enterprise PCs that are built with industrial components and SSD drives are immune to this type of damage from anything other than the most severe earthquakes. These devices are designed to be shock proof and drop proof. Finding an all-in-one computer that is VESA compatible means that it can be securely mounted to a wall or workstation, preventing any potential damage from a unit falling as well. When it’s time to get back to work, there’s no data loss or no need to replace or repair damaged equipment.

IP65 Protects Against Water Damage

When it comes to IT hardware, water kills. There are very few things that can turn a monitor or a tower into an expensive paperweight faster than water damage. It doesn’t take much to trigger a building’s sprinkler system. A small fire in another part of your building or an earthquake could both set off the sprinklers. A glitch in the infrastructure that controls the sprinklers or even a prankster can cause irreparable damage by setting off a false alarm.

Whether you work in a manufacturing facility or an office building, investing in an industrial panel pc or an all-in-one computer that is IP65 rated can end up saving you considerable time and money in the event your hardware gets a brief shower. IP65 is an international standard that determines whether or not a piece of equipment is resistant to water and dust ingress. The standards for the amount of water a computer must be able to withstand to achieve this rating is typically much higher than what an average sprinkler system will emit. You can watch this video on IP65 if you want more information.

The Importance of a UPS

No, we’re not talking about the guys in brown trucks. A UPS, or Uninterrupted Power Supply, is a feature not usually found in a commercial grade PC. While a lot of companies might have a UPS for their internal server, it is rare to see individual workstations connected to a central UPS. And to install one powerful enough to keep all of the workstations in a business operational in the event of a power outage can cost several thousands of dollars.

Something as benign as a car accident that damages a transformer down the block from you can take out the power to your building for several hours. When that happens, all productivity is lost, as well as any data that wasn’t saved prior to the power going out. Unless of course, you have invested in computers that have their own internal UPS. This is an important feature that an IT manager should be looking for. An internal UPS can provide power for several hours, giving employees time to save their work and shut down their systems properly. In some cases, the UPS might be enough to keep productivity going until the power is restored.

It is impossible to prevent certain events from happening. And it is likely that there will always be some negative impact on your operations when they do occur. But there are steps that a business can take to minimize their risk and exposure. One of those steps is investing in the right computers that are designed to withstand harsh environments and outside factors that might destroy a commercial-grade PC. Cybernet designs and manufactures a full line of medical grade PCs, Industrial computers, and enterprise grade computers that are built with exactly these types of scenarios in mind. For more information, you can contact us here.