GThe search for devices that respond to the demands of the workplace can be a bit challenging. Given the sheer volume of options that saturate the market, which option should you purchase? One of the more notable trends over recent years is the shift towards using all-in-one computers. The potent combination of ergonomics, security features, and processing power makes these devices an extremely attractive option for professionals who operate in demanding industries. Before you make a move to purchase an all – in – one PC, it is critical for you to pay close attention to the power source it possesses. You want to make sure that the device you buy comes with an internal battery. Why is this important? Let’s take a look at a few points that neatly outline the need for the presence of an internal battery in an all-in-one computing device.

All-in-one PC Means Maneuverability
One of the biggest features that all-on-one computers possess is its high degree of maneuverability. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why they are being used in industrial setups and healthcare environments. An internal battery allows you to work with the device in an untethered manner. It is virtually impossible for hospital staff members to work with a device that is restricted by unwieldy power cords. An internal power source allows you to go about your tasks without having to be restricted in such a static manner.

Super Charge Productivity
One of the more unpleasant circumstances that may happen over the course of a work day is a power outage. Devices that are hampered by power cords are inevitable casualties in the event of a blackout. In high pressure work situations, a blackout that compromises your work tools will also compromise your productivity. An internal power source is the best way for you to work in an unimpeded manner. Even if your backup generators haven’t activated themselves, you don’t have to wait for power to come back to use your all–in–one computer when it has its own power source.

Trust and Reliability
Electronics are particularly sensitive to power fluctuations. We’ve all experienced instances when a document that we’ve been working on evaporates because of a freak power surge. An internal battery ensures that the device you’re working on functions regardless of what happens to the power source that it’s plugged in. This gives you enough time to save your work if you’re running out of battery power or, better yet, finish your tasks completely.

Is an Internal Battery Important to Your Work?
Maneuverability, productivity and reliability are all values that stem from the presence of an internal battery in your all-in-one PC. Without this feature, the level of utility that these devices possess would be drastically mitigated. Look for devices that can run for a considerable amount of time on a single charge cycle. Ideally, the device you buy should be able to function for 11 hours before it needs to be charged.

The Cybernet Advantage
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