If you’ve turned the news on lately, you’ve probably noticed a change in how police, fire and EMS are serving the public. They are all in the line of fire.  The country is presently in a deep state of unrest and unfortunately, it appears as though things are going to get worse before they get any better. As such, emergency first responders must be prepared and the technology they employ must serve several crucial functions, including:

  • Powering time-sensitive applications
  • Accurately recording events, as well as patient and victim statistics
  • Enhancing the physical safety of emergency services workers

Rugged Tablet Technology In Good Favor With Cops On The Beat

In an interview with Police Technology, an online community for police, Lt. Chris Catren said, ‘What gets overlooked is that police use tablets for what everyone else does.”

Most people don’t realize that police officers use mobile tablets for much more than issuing tickets and running license plates. But, through the power of technology, they are now able to access crucial data right on the spot, which is becoming more important than ever since decisions often need to be made in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. Prior to tablets, officers had to go back to the cruisers to radio information in – or worse, go back to the station for information. Technology, including rugged mobile tablets, eliminates this step and provides officers with the information that they need, right at their fingertips.

For example, often officers used to have to enter into homes and businesses blind. But, because of rugged tablet technology, they now have immediate and timely access to the criminal records of an alleged perpetrator, including mug shots, priors and protection orders. This better prepares officers mentally, emotionally and physically.

What’s more, paperwork that was traditionally left for slower times or just before an officer went off-duty time can be done on the spot – and if it has to be done at a later time, the time spent on the task is typically greatly reduced. This keeps cops in their cruisers longer, which in turn keeps the streets safer.

Rugged Tablets Benefit Firefighters and EMS Responders

It used to be that firefighters fought fires while EMS took care of medical calls. They were separated to the point that both sectors had their own fraternity and generally razzed each other about who had the tougher job.  But today, firefighters and EMS Responders are cross-trained.

What this means is that they can see 12 to 15 medical calls a day – and depending on the region they are located, sometimes even more than that. Rugged tablet technology allows, among other crucial applications, information to be sent immediately to the hospital in report-form with easy touch-screen use.  This is extremely helpful for the ER doctors and nurses who will be treating incoming patients since they will have insight regarding the incident that caused the injury, as well as information about any treatments that were administered on the scene and in the ambulance.

Rugged tablets that are medical grade, like Cybernet’s RX Rugged Medical Tablet, are perfect in these types of situations since they are durable, lightweight, and waterproof.

Why Rugged Tablets

In situations where first responders are involved, rugged tablets matter since often times, they are matters of life and death.  Rugged tablets are durable, so they can withstand drops, as well as bumps that occur in ambulances and police cars speeding down busy roads. And because they are rugged, they are more reliable. When every second matters, having technology fail isn’t an option. Rugged tablets are the best way to ensure that it doesn’t.