There has been a considerable amount of attention that has been paid to the nature of all–in–one computing devices. The level of desirability that these devices currently possess has been heightened. Some people attribute the rising levels of interest to the space responsive ergonomics of the device. Space limitations become a thing of the past when you choose to integrate a slim all–in–one computer into your personal office space. The nature of the screen of an all–in–one computer is another design aspect that has increased the level of desirability that these devices enjoy. Large displays can be a great thing for you to possess. Some people may be quick to dismiss large displays as being an exercise in overcompensation but there are numerous benefits that could be derived from this element that prevents you from completely writing it off as a gimmick. Let’s go through a few of the benefits inherent in the large displays of all–in–one computing devices.


Part of the reason why professionals choose to purchase an all–in–one computer is to enhance their levels of productivity. A large computer display impacts your productivity in a significant manner. When you are in the possession of extensive screen real estate, you no longer have to resort to frequent micro management to keep all of your applications in sight over the course of a single working period. With a large display, you can have all of the applications that you need on the screen simultaneously without having to minimize and re–shuffle windows every now and then. This enables you to maximize your time as you shuttle from one computer based process to the next.


Work output isn’t the only thing that is affected by a large computer screen. If you use an all–in–one computer for recreational purposes, having a large display increases the quality of your viewing experience in an exponential manner. Watching videos and playing games in a large screen changes the nature of the viewing experience. The contrast that these large displays possess also means that you get to view text and images with pin sharp clarity. Without a doubt, viewing data through a large computer display is not the only option for discerning buyers.

Using Your Device from a Distance

Some of the conventional computing devices that are currently employed require their users to stay within their immediate proximity before they can utilize them efficiently. Part of the advantage that can be derived from large computer displays is the ability for you to use them from a specific distance. Through the use of wireless peripherals, you can easily navigate the computer’s interface from a host of positions. Presenting graphics and slides to an audience can be executed easily with an extensive computer screen as well. You no longer have to connect your computer to a projector to properly execute a presentation when you can just load your slides directly from its large display.

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