Healthcare is a demanding field and relies heavily upon utilizing the best, most up-to-date equipment to help doctors and nurses provide the highest quality medical services.   As advances in how procedures are performed continue to push boundaries not thought possible even a decade ago, one thing is becoming very clear: technology is more important than ever.  From ultrasound machines to retinal cameras, computers are playing a more critical, centralized role in the newest generations of medical equipment.  Because of this fact, many medical equipment manufacturers work with companies like Cybernet to engineer complex medical devices that rely on rugged tablets to function properly.  Here’s why.

The “Brains” Behind Medical Devices

Control units direct how different parts of complex medical devices work. By utilizing a rugged tablet as the control unit for medical machines like oxygenators and wearable dialysis machines, OEM medical device manufacturers ensure that machines run optimally for extended periods of time – and in any environment.

Built to Go the Distance

Rugged tablets are built with waterproof seals, hardened glass, reinforced frames, and tough skins that ensure internal components stay intact and function at optimal rates. While it’s true that consumer grade tablets have a lower initial price point, it’s important to point out that they aren’t made with the same toughness of rugged tablets. In the long run, consumer tablets will end up being more expensive since they are more susceptible to a wide range of failures.  Rugged tablets, on the other hand, are built using components that make them more durable.  They have longer life-cycles, require fewer updates, and can withstand the tread of heavy usage. By investing in durability, OEM medical device manufacturers ensure patient safety. And in a business where saving lives is the top priority, it’s the best investment anyone can make.

Packed with Processing Power

Rugged tablets aren’t just built like tanks, they run like tanks too. Fully optimized to run lesser resource-intensive applications without a hitch and engineered with core processors that increase operational efficiency, rugged tablets are the best base that manufacturers can use when building complex medical devices.  The CyberMed Rx Rugged Medical Tablet is one such example of a rugged tablet that can be utilized by OEM medical device engineers to innovate medical technology. These rugged tablets from Cybernet are powered by the latest Intel Core i5 CPU, come with dual hot swappable batteries and weigh in at roughly around 4 pounds.  They are perfect for standalone use in emergency rooms and operating rooms.  But they can also serve as the “brain” of a much more complex medical device as well.

As healthcare becomes increasingly more reliant on technology, the demand for rugged tablets that can handle highly complicated and tedious tasks will continue to increase, particularly as it relates to OEM Medical Device Manufacturers.

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