Athena Health Care Adapts to EMR with New Wall Mount and Kiosk Touch Screen PC's

Meaningful Use policies have forced many health care providers to re-evaluate their IT infrastructure. The use of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) or EMR has changed workflow and IT has to adapt to surge in computer use. Athena Health Care Systems, a network of more than 65 long term care facilities, set the goal of improving the quality and efficiency of care by installing all in one wall mount and kiosk computers. The iOne H6 20" enterprise grade PC gave medical and support staff easy access to EMR right outside the patients' rooms. Overall, productivity increased and EMR entries became more timely and accurate.
The Customer:
Athena Health Care Systems mission is to provide highest quality of care and customer service to its residents and their families. Throughout New England, Athena Health Care Systems is recognized as a leader and one of the largest managers of skilled nursing facilities. Facilities within the network offer short-term rehabilitation, long-term, respite and hospice care, as well as, many other services in a friendly, homelike setting.
The Business Challenge:
The staff at Athena Healthcare facilities found it cumbersome to log patient care entries in EMR on run-of-the-mill desktop computers. Unlike paper patient charts which are handy to carry into the patient's room, desktop computers mounted at nursing stations are immobile. The time gap between engaging with the patient and walking all the way back to a nursing station left room for errors. Records became increasingly inaccurate and patient care suffered. In addition, Athena Health Care staff found that new EMR software ran slowly and had bugs on their existing computers - HP and Lenovo - leading to further frustration.
The Solution:
Providing access to EMR software with the vicinity of the patient allowed staff members to provide the excellence in care that Athena Health Care promises its patients and their families. Through a government grant, Athena Health Care was able to demo our higher quality enterprise grade iOne H6 computer. Cybernet's 20" touch screen computer was tested with EMR software and offers better runtime. iOne H6 20" is a wall mountable all in one pc or can be installed in kiosks deployed near patients' rooms. The ability to log patient care entries quickly and conveniently, restored productivity and improved staff's overall work satisfaction.
Key Result:
Athena Health Care was able to address their staff's frustration and decrease in quality of work with Cybernet's enterprise grade touch screen PC - iOne H6. Over 750 iOne H6 units have been installed throughout Athena Health Care long term care facilities. As a result, patients received better care.

Providing access to EMR software with the vicinity of the patient allowed staff members to provide the excellence in care that Athena Health Care promises its patients and their families. 


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iOne H6

Switch to EHR led to frustration as workflow changed dramatically. Desktop PC's became cumbersome affecting the quality of care.

Install EMR certified touch screen computers on wall mounts and kiosks near patient rooms.

Patient care improved – patient records became more accurate as they were update in a timely manner. Overall satisfaction with workflow improved.

Customer Snapshot

HQ: Farmington, CT
65 Long Term Care Facilities