Cybernet's History - We're Turning 20!


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			Founded on October 18, 1996, Cybernet began its operations in a small office backed by a modest manufacturing facility headquartered in Irvine, CA. Fast-forward twenty years, and Cybernet is an industry-leading manufacturer, a global enterprise with branches in the U.S., U.K., Taiwan, and China.
			We pioneered the all-in-one market long ago when many manufacturers were considering the perspectives of this field. The technology visionaries at Cybernet recognized the value of the space-saving, high-performance solutions, and propelled the company to success.
			Over the years, we have been steadily expanding our reach and now provide trusted innovative products and solutions to government, industrial, education, financial, retail and healthcare sectors.
			We design and manufacture All-in-One PCs, rugged PCs and rugged mini-PCs, rugged and medical-grade tablets, and LCD monitors for a variety of vertical markets. We regularly showcase our products at <a href=trade shows and conferences, with our recent CyberMed Rx being the world's first medical tablet with a completely antimicrobial exterior, including the touchscreen.

Cybernet was selected by the Department of Public Health in MA and many other healthcare facilities as a trusted vendor. We keep earning the trust of healthcare professionals due to how we define medical grade computers and how that vision translates into the quality of our hardware.

Our industrial solutions power the operations of many national and global enterprises such as National Oilwell Varco, Transform Automotive, Amphenol TCS, to name a few. Our 20-years long experience of building industrial computers from ground up grants us an unprecedented insight into what various industries need in a computer or tablet.


Cybernet's vision is that the computers must be space-saving and have a non-intrusive footprint, but also be high-performance, robust, reliable and durable.

Philosophy of Innovation

Our success wouldn't be possible without our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our philosophy relies on three principles.

Cybernet Reliability


The first principle is that our computers and tablets must withstand the extreme pressures of rugged environments 24/7 without failures. We achieved that goal through the high-quality military-grade components, adherence to the industry's best standards and by obtaining the most rigorous certifications for medical and industrial computers. Cybernet is proud of the fact that the overall failure rate of our hardware has been 1.42% since 2009, with a life expectancy of over 50k hours or 5.7 years when used continuously.

Cybernet Power


The second principle is the space-saving technology must not come at the expense of functionality or ease of use. Our industrial and medical all-in-ones, rugged minis and rugged tablets provide advanced features and cutting-edge computing power. They handle multiple resource-hungry software flawlessly, and satisfy the most demanding needs of medical, construction, oil and gas professionals, retail businesses relying on POS, educational and governmental institutions. All of our products are green, energy-saving, and easy to install and maintain.

Cybernet Customization


Since 1996, we have focused our design and manufacturing efforts on solutions customized specifically for our customers' unique environments and computing needs. That singular focus maintained over time and our commitment to quality make us the trusted source for all-in-one computers. We back it by the personalized support and extended warranties, free disk imaging and zero bloatware so that we ship your computers ready to use out of the box.

We Thank You!

Numerous success stories of our customers keep inspiring us to pursue our goal and excel in what we do, year after year.

Join us in celebrating our visionary leaders, our technology wizards, and our sales gurus - they made this company a thriving global enterprise. More importantly, we celebrate our customers as they have made our success possible. They prove time and time again that we can and do make a difference in the market.

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