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The network adapter (on-board NIC) is not working

Cause - Possible CMOS corruption, or NIC driver corruption

1. When experiencing issues with Network Connectivity, first confirm that all cables and server connections are functioning properly; this may require contacting a Network Administrator.

2. If everything checks out and the unit is still experiencing issues with the on-board NIC, uninstall the driver. This can be done in Windows XP via the Device Manager or through the Add/Remove Programs option. In Windows 7 this can be done via the Device Manager or the Programs and Features option.

3. Once the driver has been uninstalled, shut down the system and disconnect the power cable from the PC.

4. Next, clear the CMOS on to remove any possible CMOS corruption.*

5. Reconnect the power, turn the PC back on, then immediately and repeatedly press the delete key until the CMOS Setup Utility appears.

6. Navigate the cursor to the 'Load Optimized Defaults' option and select it by pressing enter.

7. Next press F10 to save the changes and exit the CMOS Setup Utility.

8. When the PC reboots into the Operating System, reinstall the NIC driver. Use either the drivers CD that shipped with the unit or download the latest version from Cybernet.

9. Upon completion, reboot the PC to check for network connectivity.

*For model-specific instructions on clearing the CMOS, please see the related articles section for further information.