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Why does my PC have little or no wireless connection?

Cause - Various factors can cause this issue

There are various factors which can cause the wireless card to have little or no signal strength.

1. First and foremost,if running Windows XP make sure it is updated to Service Pack 3

2. Then check the device manager to confirm the drivers are installed properly. If it is the VIA wireless card, the driver should be labeled VIA PCI-Cardbus. If it's the MSI card, it will be labeled 802.11g MiniPCI.

3. If the driver requires re-installation, it must be uninstalled first. This can be done through Add/Remove Programs. In Add/Remove Programs, the driver will be listed as VIA Network Technologies or MSI Wireless LAN Card. Be sure to shut down completely and clear the CMOS when the uninstallation is finished.

4. If installing the MSI driver, be sure to choose MS Zero Configuration Tool. Upon restart, reinstall the wireless driver and restart again.

5. If still unable to connect, navigate to Network Connections (My Network Places), then right click on the wireless adapter and choose Properties.

6. Then click on the tab labeled Wireless Networks and locate the wireless connection in the list. Highlight it with a click and press the Properties button. Be sure to set the correct Data Encryption type for the network in use (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.), or choose disabled if none is active. Press OK in each window until back to the desktop.

Important factors to know - the type of encryption in use (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.), if MAC Address filtering is enabled on the Access Point, and what Authentication type is being used. This information can be gathered by contacting an IT Administrator.