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My PC has gone out of warranty and doesn't work right

Cause - Age of the components and advances in technology have caused the PC to work slowly

In the world of IT it is generally agreed that the average lifespan of a PC is 3-5 years. The number is dependent on a multitude of factors, including advances in technology, requirements of upcoming software, and the amount of wear and tear a PC has been put through due to everyday use. Cybernet's family of Zero-Footprint-PCs are no different in this regard. Obviously the best thing to do when a ZPC-series or i-One-series PC is showing its age is to purchase the latest model; Cybernet often has trade-in promotions for trading old Cybernet units in toward the purchase of the latest Space-Saving Technology.

Should a whole new unit not be an option at this time, Cybernet offers the Out of Warranty Flat-Rate Repair program for the following models. Prices vary by model (see table below), with repairs being covered with a 90 day warranty. This program is our best value for servicing Out of Warranty units; for comparison, spare parts purchases carry a 30 Day Warranty. For more details or to move forward with the program, please contact Tech Support.

Product Model Out of Warranty Charge Warranty
iOne-H24 $249.00 90 Days
iOne-C22 $249.00 90 Days
iOne-H6 $249.00 90 Days
iOne-H19 $249.00 90 Days
iOne-G4 $249.00 90 Days
iPOS-G45 $249.00 90 Days
iOne-N19 $249.00 90 Days
iOne-GX31 $399.00 90 Days
iOne-H5 $249.00 90 Days
iOne-GX45 $249.00 90 Days
T10 Windows Tablet/T10C $199.00 90 Days
ZPC-H6 $199.00 90 Days
ZPC-D5 $199.00 90 Days
ZPC-GX31 $299.00 90 Days
CyberMed H24/HN24 $399.00 90 Days
CyberMed C22/CN22 $399.00 90 Days
CyberMed-H22 $399.00 90 Days
CyberMed-N22 $399.00 90 Days
CyberMed-H6 $399.00 90 Days
CyberMed-H19 $399.00 90 Days
CyberMed-G45 $399.00 90 Days
CyberMed-N19 $399.00 90 Days
iOne-MP171 $399.00 90 Days
iOne-MP172 $399.00 90 Days
iOne-MP15T $399.00 90 Days
CyberMed-T10/CyberMed-T10C $399.00 90 Days
iOne-945, iOne-M661 No Longer Supported -
ZPC-9000, 9100 & Elite Series No Longer Supported -

Cybernet offers many programs including "Customer Loyalty", "Upgrade" & "Take Back" that will reduce the cost of moving to a new model instead of repairing an out of warranty device. To find out more, please contact the Cybernet sales team.