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My PC has gone out of warranty and doesn't work right

Cause - Age of the components and advances in technology have caused the PC to work slowly

In the world of IT it is generally agreed that the average lifespan of a PC is 3-5 years. The number is dependent on a multitude of factors, including advances in technology, requirements of upcoming software, and the amount of wear and tear a PC has been put through due to everyday use. Cybernet's family of Zero-Footprint-PCs are no different in this regard. Obviously the best thing to do when a ZPC-series or i-One-series PC is showing its age is to purchase the latest model; Cybernet often has trade-in promotions for trading old Cybernet units in toward the purchase of the latest Space-Saving Technology.

Should a whole new unit not be an option at this time, Cybernet offers the Out of Warranty Flat-Rate Repair program for the following models. Prices vary by model (see table below), with repairs being covered with a 90 day warranty. This program is our best value for servicing Out of Warranty units; for comparison, spare parts purchases carry a 30 Day Warranty. For more details or to move forward with the program, please contact Tech Support.

*Due to the complex motherboard design, the processor is integrated and cannot be removed. Thus the flat rate repair fee is higher on these units. Upon evaluation and the motherboard does not need to be replaced, Cybernet will credit back $150 to the original payment method.

Cybernet offers many programs including "Customer Loyalty", "Upgrade" & "Take Back" that will reduce the cost of moving to a new model instead of repairing an out of warranty device. To find out more, please contact the Cybernet sales team.