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Virus, Exploits, and other Malware Information

Published: November 18, 2009
Updated: April 11, 2017

Malware is software that is specifically designed to cause harm to a users PC. Malware, viruses, and other software exploits can cause havoc on a user's PC, but there are ways to fight these threats. Microsoft offers a free, full-featured Anti-Virus solution known as Microsoft Security Essentials. Available for download here, Microsoft's solution is built on proven technology and offered free of charge to users of Genuine Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and/or 7. Windows also has its own anti-spyware tool, Windows Defender, that is included with Windows Vista and Windows 7. XP Users can download Windows Defender from Microsoft.

Other forms of malware/spyware can infest a PC and prey on browser cookies for personal information. Spyware typically installs itself without the user's knowledge during normal web browsing. Spybot is a free utility that helps remove spyware if it has been installed, and even provides functionality to help 'immunize' a system against such threats. This program can be downloaded here.

If the system is infected with spyware/malware (random pop-ups, changed home page, etc), be sure the chosen anti-virus software is installed and up to date. For serious spyware/malware issues, we recommend following the steps at the following site - Malware Removal Guide.

Cybernet is offering this information to our clients as a courtesy, and does not warrant or support these programs in any way. For assistance with Microsoft Security Essentials, please click here. For troubleshooting and assistance with Spybot, please click here. For further spyware/malware issues, please follow the directions for posting at and post a question/comment in their forum.