Restorative Therapies and Cybernet: Medical Tablets and PCs for FES Rehabilitation Systems

Restorative Therapies specializes in rehabilitation systems for treating people with neurological impairment, such as stroke, MS, brain or spinal cord injuries. Their system attaches to an exercise bike or wheelchair, and uses a tablet or all-in-one PC to control the system and run the software. Restorative Therapies now uses Cybernet’s medical tablet, the CyberMed T10, and the 15-inch all-in-one CyberMed MP15T in their RT product line. The CyberMed tablet and PC met or exceeded all the requirements that the technical team had for performance, reliability, quality, and medical certification, along with their need for a touch screen display and enough processing power to run their unique software.
The Customer
Restorative Therapies builds systems for rehabilitation therapy to treat immobility associated with paralysis and spinal cord injuries. Their systems promote activity-based therapy using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), and consist of an all-in-one PC or tablet, proprietary software and connective cables. Their systems can be mounted on an exercise bike or used in a wheelchair. Patients can use the FES systems in a hospital occupational therapy center or at home. Founded in 2005, Restorative Therapies is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and is privately held.
The Business Challenge
When Restorative Therapies designed their system, they had several critical requirements. They needed an all-in-one PC or tablet that was the right size to fit their various sizes of FES systems that could be used in hospitals or for home use. The technical team also needed to have PCs or tablets with enough processing power and performance to run their software. They also needed to have either a stylus or touch screen to make it easy for the health care provider or patient to use the system.
The early models used a seven-inch tablet that required a hard stylus, but it wasn’t a complete PC and the stylus was cumbersome to use. The technical team decided to search for a touch screen all-in-one PC and tablet, and because the system would be used in a medical environment, they wanted a medical-grade device. The search was on. The technical team needed a 15-inch PC for some of their systems and a tablet for the others. They ordered samples of several 15-inch PCs to compare first, evaluating price and quality.
The Cybernet Solution
Cybernet’s CyberMed MP15T was among the samples that Restorative Therapies tested.  The technical team tested it for two months, and liked the processing power and reliability. It had the right type of touch screen, and was also medical grade, so all the technical requirements were met, along with their needs for price and quality. They ordered the MP15T to integrate into their RT600 systems.
When the CyberMed T10 tablet was released by Cybernet, they decided to order them without even doing a comparison test because they couldn’t find any other medical grade tablets with touch screen, and they were already impressed with the Cybernet quality based on their experience with the CyberMed MP15T. After testing the T10 tablet, they decided to order them to use on their RT200 and RT300 systems.
Key Results
Restorative Therapies is very pleased with the quality, performance, and design of the CyberMed tablets and MP15T all-in-one PCs. Their appearance is a real plus, and enhances the look of Restorative Therapies’ final products. The CyberMed tablet and PC have exceptional processing capacity, allowing the technical team to easily add software features and functionality to their system without sacrificing performance. Reliability is key, especially for rehabilitation therapy; a session can’t be interrupted without adversely affecting patient treatment and the CyberMed tablet and PC provide outstanding reliability. With Cybernet, Restorative Therapies has found a winning technology partner for its FES systems.
Here is a video of how the CyberMed medical tablet is being used in the FES system, take a look: LINK

"The CyberMed T10 tablet and CyberMed MP15T with touch screens have the ideal features, performance, and reliability to power our leading-edge FES systems."


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