All–in–one computers have become ubiquitous in the contemporary professional landscape. Several professionals have grown to rely on the potent combination of ergonomics, features, and reliability that these devices possess. Whether you’re a student in a University, a surgeon who’s dealing with sensitive medical cases on a regular basis, or a small business owner who wants to employ cost effective tools, there’s sure to be an all–in–one computing device to suit your specific needs. Before you can purchase a specific option, it is imperative for you to develop an understanding of the demands inherent in your working environment. If you’re situated in a place where working conditions are volatile and demanding, you must implement an IT solution that can withstand extreme environments. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to consider.

Industrial Grade Fanless Cooling System

The environment that you’re working in should be the main factor that guides your purchasing decision. Industrial settings will have a variety of debris strewn about the workplace. Dust, dirt, and chemicals are things that you encounter on a regular basis and the last thing that you want is a computer fan stirring debris. Look for an all–in–one computing device with a fanless cooling system to ensure that your device is kept at optimum operational levels without scattering debris all over the workplace.

Failproof with Military Grade Components

The very bones of the computing device you utilize must be scrutinized before you can make a final purchasing decision. The biggest priority is to find a device that comes fitted with military grade components. This immediately grants you the great relief of never having to worry about the sudden breakdown of your computing device in the middle of a critical work operation. Devices that are made from military grade components provide their users with an extreme degree of reliability, making them perfect for use in highly demanding work setups.

Temperature Fluctuations and Shock Resistance

An extended amount of exposure to certain incidents will whittle away the lifespan of electronics that aren’t designed to withstand them. Exposure to extreme fluctuations in temperature, constant vibratory activity, and other similar situations will compromise the integrity of your computing device if they don’t possess the features necessary to withstand these harsh elements. Look for computing devices with the mechanisms required to secure its internal components. This makes them virtually impervious to drops, extreme instances of vibration, and other events that induce a great deal of physical shock. Be cognizant of the dynamic range of temperature that the device you’re eyeing possesses as well. As a rule, an all–in–one computer that comes equipped with a higher degree of dynamic range will be able to withstand sudden fluctuations in temperature with greater ease.

Cybernet manufactures all-in-one computers that come equipped with components that are perfect for the volatile working environments present in the industrial sector. Merging the qualities of ergonomics and elevated build quality, each device can readily adapt to the demands of even the most unconventional professional situation. To learn more about how Cybernet’s all-in-one computers can address your professional needs, visit us at