Just like any other medical provider, veterinarians are dependent upon high quality diagnostic equipment and tools to help them make an accurate diagnosis and maintain detailed information for every patient they treat.  In recent years, many veterinarians have come to be dependent on the same computers as medical doctors because they are more reliable and secure.

Here are a few benefits of using medical grade computers in veterinary clinics…

BENEFIT 1: Better Clinic Management

One advantage of using medical grade computers in veterinary practices is the complex design that enables use of complex and advanced software solutions, which makes scheduling appointments and invoicing easier and more accurate. These computers make office management more streamlined and organized and streamlined, so that bills are sent out on time – and paid on time.

BENEFIT 2: Better Recordkeeping

Medical grade computers make recordkeeping easier and reduce the risks of errors, so you will maintain more precise patient records. Errors in handwritten notes on medical records can have a major negative impact on medical care.  Medical grade computers eliminate this risk.  And with barcode scanners available on many units, recordkeeping is easier than ever. Medical grade computers also decrease the risk of data loss since digital files are more secure and credible than hardcopy filing folders.

BENEFIT 3: Better Care

Using a medical grade computer in conjunction with veterinary apps, you can make a more accurate diagnosis much more quickly. Medical grade computers enable the attachment of electronic imagery to files, such as X-rays and MRIs. This alone improves efficiency and thus, helps you improve patient care.  What’s more, using digital files, you can keep a pet’s entire medical history in a single file. You can easily see medical history, past procedures and past prescriptions. With this access, you know what does and does not work for the pet patient and can handle treatment much more accurately and efficiently.

BENEFIT 4: Better Safety

Medical grade computers are also fanless, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris from gathering inside the unit. Antimicrobial* properties protect the computer casing from deterioration and degradation.

It’s obvious that medical grade computers save veterinarians time and money, which is why the additional up-front expense associated with purchasing a medical grade computer over a standard PC makes sense in the long run. You’ll be able to better manage your clinic, maintain more accurate records and provide a better standard of care to your patients.