Cybernet and Weber County Library: Efficiently Serving Library Patrons

When it came time to replace outdated PCs, the Weber County Library in Ogden, Utah, did their research and found Cybernet’s all-in-one LCD PC, the iOne-GX31. Not only did they save space and upgrade their computing power, but the iOne-GX31 all-in-one PCs served as a self-checkout system for their library patrons.

The Customer
Inside the building is a wealth of accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and information spanning the centuries. Each day, hundreds of people pass through its doorways, eager to share in this rich resource of learning. This is a scene that consistently plays out at the Weber County Library. Located in Ogden, Utah, this esteemed public library is dedicated to providing relevant information services to all segments of its community.
The Business Challenge
 As one would expect, managing the relentless flow of patrons, data and library materials is an undertaking of monumental proportions. This is the challenge that Scott Jones must face on a daily basis. As technical director of the Weber County Library, he is ultimately responsible for implementing and overseeing all of the institution’s computing systems. From checkout to catalog access, these networks of information management are critical to all phases of library operations.

Scott recalls that the library had needed a replacement for its Gateway Profile computing system, which was becoming rapidly outdated. His team investigated the computing solutions offered by various manufacturers, evaluating both All-in-One PC models and small form factor desktops. All of the possibilities fell short of expectations. The team’s hopes were rapidly fading when a self- checkout software manufacturer informed them of Cybernet All-in-One LCD PC solution.
The Cybernet Solution
 Encouraged by a strong recommendation, Scott initially ordered several Cybernet iOne-GX31 models to be used with self- checkout software at one of the library’s busy branches. The computers were an instant hit. Overwhelmingly pleased by the performance power of the i-One-GX31s, the library staff eagerly ordered more.

The iOne-GX31 quickly proved itself as more than just a checkout tool. Since the computer’s initial run, it has been strategically implemented for both staff and public usage. To date, a large volume of iOne-GX31 units have been deployed throughout the library facility to ensure the smooth flow of information. Depending on the application, both the touchscreen and keyboard models are in place.
Key Results
Scott is especially pleased with the iOne-GX31’s role as a self-checkout tool. Powered by specialized library software, the system operates with a smooth interaction of RFID antennae (USB), bar code readers (USB), thermal transfer receipt printers (USB), mouse, keyboard and network connections.

The primary advantage of this configuration is user-friendliness. Self-checkout is accomplished in three simple steps:
1.     The RFID antennae/reader scans the RFID tag located in each book
2.     A barcode reader scans the member’s library card
3.     A printer outputs a receipt.
It’s all done in a fraction of the time it used to take.

So far, the entire library team is more than impressed with the i-One-GX31. By balancing performance, reliability and user-friendliness, the acclaimed computing solution is certainly proving to be one for the books. Though small in size, the unit clearly is a big plus for both library operations and the exchange of knowledge throughout the community.

"Overwhelmingly pleased by the performance power of the i-Ones, the library staff eagerly ordered more."
S. J., Technical Director, WEBER COUNTY LIBRARY



Cybernet Product

Replacing outdated PCs with powerful, reliable, patron-friendly PCs

iOne-GX31s, some with touchscreen capability

iOne-GX31s handle all self-checkout transactions, happier patrons, greater staff efficiency

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