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Nursing Solutions Company Improves Products with Cybernet PC

KbPort is a hardware and software development company based in Pittsburgh PA. It started in the mid 90's, and they mainly supply recording, debriefing and assessment solutions in the medical education domain. Basically, Medical Simulation. It's a small specialized field. They also have medication dispensing systems that are used in nursing and pharmacy.

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KbPort started in the 90s but really took off around 2005 when they identified a need for recording and debriefing assessment products in the nursing education niche. The type of equipment needed to get the job done efficiently weren't available at the time. They teamed up with programmers to design their own systems and embedded them into medication administration bedside carts for nurse training.


They’ve had some issues here and there with their computers, it was never overwhelming, but they knew they could have better hardware. Being in business for so long and with a keen eye, KbPort foresaw trouble at the horizon and realized their systems might not be sustainable during the supply chain issues brought on by COVID-19. They put together the bedside carts from a combination of multiple vendors' products and they couldn't trust that everyone would continue delivering their products on time.


With all that in mind, they started looking for backup options and other vendors that can ensure their operation stays smooth.

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As they started looking for backup options and other suppliers, Cybernet happened to be at the right place at the right time and with the right product to support KbPort. Cybernet’s representative called KbPort on an intelligent whim, and what caught their attention in the first interaction is the honesty and straightforwardness from Cybernet. That opened the way and allowed Cybernet to get past the tough gatekeeper. According to KbPort that almost never happens and Cybernet was only the second offering that got through the gatekeeper and talked to the CEO.


When they heard about the CyberMed NB series, they knew that is the solution they've been looking for. They were quickly captivated by the looks of the computer since they wanted something cleaner and more modern. When they heard about the capabilities they were all-in. Since the computer itself can power the cart, the peripherals, any thin clients, barcode scanners, and even their innovative medcase electronic locking system. They loved the fact that the computers are fanless and run quietly, which is an issue they’ve been dealing with.


This decision was affirmed when they heard about how extremely low the failure rate is. This made Cybernet the only company that got through the gatekeeper, talked to the CEO, and actually partnered up with them.


Soon after, KbPort moved to the next step in the process, the evaluation phase. They looked at everything from what it takes to service a computer, how it will work with the medcase, I/O compatibility, and after thorough testing the CyberMed NB Series became their standard for the SimCartRx Standard Medication Cart.


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In the search for something cleaner and more modern, KbPort knew the CyberMed NB computers can advance their carts and improve their products. Not only did they add Cybernet’s computers to existing products, they also created specific products based on the performance, color and aesthetics of the NB series.


They loved the added benefit that it helped them get rid of some equipment, such as the battery charging system, powered carts, and added more efficiency to their carts. They’ve been using these models for over a year now and they’re still enjoying the low failure rate. In fact, when they were asked about it they said they didn’t have a single unit fail so far.


“It was just the smart decision” The CEO of KbPort, C.M., responded when he was asked how he feels about the transition he also commented: “Had I not done this, we probably would’ve lost, I don’t know, a million dollars worth of business, maybe a little more because we wouldn’t have been able to deliver products.”

So, we actually came up with another model just because of the Cybernet product, and you know, we liked the color of it, there’s everything we like about it, it’s there, it’s the complete package.

- Chuck Miller, CEO