8 Year Old Anesthesia Workstations Get Extended Lifespan

When the medical computer in the Dräger Anesthesia Workstations became too old and too expensive to maintain, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center (VCUMC) searched to find a cost effective IT solution.

After a rigorous, competitive review, the medical touch screen, CyberMed H22 models were configured with existing Dräger anesthesia machines and deployed in OR’s throughout VCUMC.

VCU Uses CyberMed H22 All In One Computers

The Business Challenge:

After 8 years of operation, the medical grade touch screen computers within the modular Dräger MDS III Anesthesia Workstations began to deteriorate. Unexpected glitches during procedures threatened patient safety and reduced accuracy in EMR documentation and billing. Because the PC models were obsolete, vendor support from Dräger became costly and inefficient. This resulted in long downtime, slowing workflow throughout the healthcare system.

Note: Anesthesiologists rely on computers integrated with anesthesia machine to monitor patient vitals, ensure patient safety, and keep accurate documentation during procedures.

The Solution:
Since the anesthesia machines within the modular workstation have longer life-cycles than the PCs, the IT department wanted to salvage them and find a high grade EN60601-01 certified medical PC that could be configured to work within the unit. After demoing Cybernet’s all-in-one alongside competitors such as, HP, Tangent and Dräger - VCUMC found Cybernet’s CyberMed H22 to be the best fit. Cybernet manufacturing is able to customize components, such as extra serial ports, processor, and internal battery, making integration with other technologies a viable solution.
Key Result:
The anesthesia workstations at VCUMC have gained a second-life with the integration of CyberMed H22. Initially a large order replaced failing legacy computers, restoring quality of care and workflow. Jerry Langford, Senior System Engineer, says, “I love working with Cybernet. The team stays in touch and there is low need for support because the hardware has been very reliable.” His team was able to confront a serious, yet common problem – obsolete computer models becoming too expensive to maintain.
The Customer

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center (VCUMC) is a leading academic healthcare system in the US and is home to some of the most advanced treatment options and technology available. In 2013 alone, roughly 20,000 surgeries were successfully performed at VCUMC, assisted by anesthesiology. In 2014, VCU Medical Center was ranked as the best hospital in the Richmond Metro area for the 4th consecutive year by the U.S. News and World Report. The medical center boasts 1,125-bed hospitals and outpatient clinics, a 600-physician-faculty group practice, and the health sciences schools of Virginia Commonwealth University. The VCU Medical Center, through its VCU Health System, offers internationally acclaimed, state-of-the-art care in more than 200 specialty areas including: organ transplantation, head and spinal cord trauma, burn healing and cancer treatment. As a leader in healthcare research, the VCUMC offers patients the opportunity to choose to participate in programs that advance evolving treatment, such as those sponsored by the National Cancer Institute through VCU’s Massey Cancer Center, Virginia’s first NCI-designated cancer center.

 “I love working with Cybernet. The team stays in touch and there is low need for support because the hardware has been very reliable."
J.L., Senior System Engineer, VCU MEDICAL CENTER


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Cybernet Product
CyberMed H22

Discontinued model of PCs within the Dräger anesthesia work station became too expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

Replace old PCs with new Cybernet PCs and salvage the anesthesia equipment. The EN60601-01 certified CyberMed H22 was customized to integrate with Dräger anesthesia units.

Medical technology gains a second life. Cybernet manufacturing provided a viable and cost effective solution.

Customer Snapshot

Website: https://www.vcuhealth.org/
HQ: Richmond, Virginia
20,000 Surgeries per Year