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VCUs Anesthesia Units Get New Life Integrate with CyberMed Medical PCs

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center (VCUMC) is a leading academic healthcare system in the US and is home to some of the most advanced treatment options and technology available. The medical center boasts a 1,125-bed hospital, 600 physician faculty group, and the health sciences schools of VCU.

Challenge Icon Challenge

The computers that VCUMC were using to integrate into their anesthesia machines were old and obsolete. In addition to being extremely costly to maintain, unexpected glitches during procedures threatened patient safety and reduced accuracy in EMR documentation. Because of the age of their computers, vendor support lagged, resulting in long downtime while waiting on technical support. This ultimately led to a slowdown in workflow throughout the hospital.
VCUMC wanted to find a medical grade computer that could integrate with their existing anesthesia machines. This meant finding a computer with legacy serial ports that was UL60601-1 certified for near patient use. A touchscreen option was also important to facilitate workflow.

Solution Icon Solution

After a rigorous competitive review, the team at VCUMC settled on the CyberMed H22 all-in-one medical computer. The CyberMed H22 beat out a number of competitors - both commercial grade and medical grade.
One of the more important factors that led VCUMC to choose Cybernet was the customizability of the units. The ability to add extra serial ports and internal UPS helped them integrate the units into their anesthesiology machines.
Cybernet also provided the added assurance that all of their medical grade units were IEC60601-1 and UL60601-1 certified for near patient use. The IP65 sealed front bezels also meant that the CyberMed H22 was water and dust resistant, making it easy to clean and disinfect without having to worry about damaging internal components.

Results Icon Results

VCUMC was able to extend the life of their anesthesia machines thanks to the ease in which the CyberMed H22 was able to integrate into their existing systems. Because of the 3-5 year life cycle of the units, VCUMC has had reliable and quick service whenever a technical issue has arisen - something that had become a major issue with their previous obsolete computers. The ability to upgrade their computers without having to also upgrade their anesthesia machines has not only saved VCUMC money, but it has helped to improve workflow and the quality of care that they are able to provide to their patients.

I love working with Cybernet. The team stays in touch and there is low need for support because the hardware has been very reliable.

- Jeremy Langford, Senior System Engineer