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Industrial Use Cases

The industrial sector needs computers that are powerful, flexible, and reliable. From architecture design to warehouse management to factory floor control, Cybernet's computers are designed and manufactured with your needs in mind. Explore our products and see how they can augment your business today.

Industrial-Grade Processing Power, Security, and Reliability

Your workers need computers that deliver performance without requiring constant upkeep. With Cybernet's industrial-grade computers, you can get the performance you need without sacrificing reliability.

Warehouse Computers

A computer microchip to represent processing power.

Processing Power to Support Your Business

Choose from a range of capable Intel processors supported by up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM. With Cybernet, you'll never have an issue running the software your company needs.

A shield to represent ruggedness and reliability.

Ready For Harsh Environments

Manufactured to military-grade standards, our computers feature IP65-rated front bezels, shock-resistant components, and scratch-resistant screens that withstand harsh operating conditions.

Circuitry to represent compatibility.

Legacy Compatibility

Our computers can be customized with various legacy serial and parallel ports, ensuring compatibility even with older equipment.

Our Computers In Action

Cybernet computers will meet and exceed your expectations no matter where you use them. These are just a few ways our computers are implemented in the industrial sector.

Manufacturing Computers

Elevate your assembly lines with Cybernet's cutting-edge manufacturing computer. Explore how our computers can improve your manufacturing operations.

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Warehouse Computers

A modern warehouse computer can drastically improve your logistics and supply chain management. Take control of your inventory and accelerate operations.

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Computers for Architects

Empower your architects with computers specially built for their needs. Enjoy Cybernet’s unparalleled reliability, performance, and feature-rich design.

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Our Qualifications

Cybernet Manufacturing is uniquely qualified to be your industrial computer supplier, with the skills and experience necessary to satisfy all your needs.

A cog to represent customization.

Customized To Your Exact Needs

Whether you need a more powerful processor, a specific I/O port, or anti-glare filters for the screen, our control over the manufacturing process allows us to tune our products to your specific requirements.

A wrench to represent manufacturing.

Decades of OEM Experience

For over twenty years, Cybernet has exercised full control over our manufacturing process, ensuring we only use high-quality components and techniques.

A line chart to represent reliability.

Less Than 0.5% Failure Rate Year Over Year

Our commitment to reliability ensures our computers have an annual failure rate of less than 0.5%. This makes them some of the most reliable computers available to the industrial sector.

Discover More Cybernet Devices

Along with our range of industrial computers, Cybernet also offers tablets, monitors, and more. All have been designed and manufactured specifically for the industrial sector, ensuring you have the support you need no matter what products you choose.