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Medical Use Cases

Our computers balance power, reliability, and flexibility, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in healthcare. From EMR access to patient check-in to urgent care support, explore how Cybernet computers can assist you in every step of the patient treatment process.

Power, Reliability, and Security for Healthcare

Healthcare has incredibly high standards for technology. If healthcare professionals are going to use it, it needs to be powerful, rugged, and secure against outside threats to help ensure the safety of both providers and patients.

EMR Computers

A computer microchip to represent processing power.

All The Processing Power You Need

We exclusively use powerful Intel processors on our computers, along with up to 64 GB of RAM. This ensures that our devices are up to the task regardless of your performance requirements.

A shield to represent ruggedness and reliability.

Rugged and Reliable

With an IP65-rated front bezel, our computers are protected from dust and water damage. We also implement rugged design elements like fanless cooling methods and solid-state drives, which reduce the number of moving parts and improve reliability.

A bell shaking to represent security.

Protected Against Cybercrime

We implement Imprivata security encryption on our computers, along with optional authentication methods like RFID scanners and smartcard readers.

Our Computers In Action

These are just a few of the ways our computers can be used in healthcare. No matter where you use them, Cybernet computers will meet and exceed your requirements.

Patient Check-In Computers

Check-in computers are the perfect way to improve the patient experience by allowing quick and easy sign-in with medical staff.

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EMR Computers

A dedicated EMR computer is the perfect way to access and review patient records. Our panel PC is a reliable and secure platform for that exact purpose.

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Urgent Care Computers

Cybernet Manufacturing's urgent care computers are perfect for high-stakes situations. Learn more about our computers, their features, and design qualifications.

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Our Qualifications

Cybernet is uniquely qualified to serve as your computer supplier in healthcare. Our design skills and manufacturing expertise allow us to meet any challenge you may present.

A wrench to represent manufacturing.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Because we have complete control over the manufacturing process of our products, we can ensure only the highest-quality components and techniques are used to design, assemble, and test our computers.

A cog to represent customization.

Extensive Customization Options

We can customize the hardware and software of our computers as per your needs, whether that be integrating peripheral devices, adding anti-glare filters to the screen, or placing your branding on the case itself.

A line chart to represent reliability.

Less than 0.5% Failure Rate Year over Year

Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures our computers have a failure rate of less than 0.5% year over year, making them some of the most dependable computers available in healthcare.

Discover More Cybernet Devices

We offer a full range of panel PCs, tablets, monitors, and more. All have been designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest standards possible, giving you peace of mind no matter what you choose.