All-in-one PC's with a less than 2% fail rate

Cybernet's All in One PCs & Tablets Fail Rate Is Less Than 2%

In 2016, the fail rate of Cybernet's All in One PCs and Tablets was 1.88% with a life expectancy of over 50k hours or 5.7 years if used continuously. The average lifespan of a consumer grade PC is 4.6 years when used for less than 50% of the time.

Since 2009, Cybernet's average fail rate is 1.49% per year.

Total Cost of Ownership

According to Gartner, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a PC is between $3400/year for a well-managed PC and $5800/year for a poorly managed PC. This includes the initial purchase price, software upgrades & IT costs.

The TCO of a Cybernet All-in-One PC is substantially less because of the low failure rate and the 3 year warranty which allows for complete replacement of a malfunctioning PC with the software already installed. After the 3 year warranty expires, the cost to repair a Cybernet All-in-One is $249 per incident plus shipping of $20.

Cybernet's All-in-One PCs

Cybernet designs and manufactures medical, industrial and commercial grade all-in-one PC's including medical computers, Windows tablets, rugged tablets, wall mounts and medical carts. With nearly two decades of experience in the IT industry, Cybernet understands the constant evolution of technology and continuously develops innovative solutions to improve industry-specific PC products.

Cybernet all-in-one PC's are made with motherboards built from industrial grade components. Most other PC manufacturers use commercial and home consumer grade components, which decrease both performance and long term reliability.

About Cybernet

Cybernet is the pioneer in high-performance, all in one PC technology. Since 1996, Cybernet has focused its design and manufacturing efforts on space saving IT solutions, customized for customers' unique needs. Cybernet's all in one devices are made for 24/7 usage and have 3~5 year life cycles. All Cybernet products are backed by industry award winning U.S.-based technical support and local RMA service in Irvine, California. Cybernet operates globally with operations in the USA, United Kingdom, Taiwan and China.

Cybernet offers an extensive knowledge base on its website to assist with basic product troubleshooting.

All products are backed by US-based support and covered by a warranty that extends up to five years.


Units shipped: 79,623

Units returned for service: 1,496


Units shipped: 74,982

Units returned for service: 1,064


Units shipped: 68,205

Units returned for service: 1,196


Units shipped: 62,094

Units returned for service: 1,117


Units shipped: 50,340

Units returned for service: 692